Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New view

Took a walk with T tonight and got to see this beautiful view over Stavanger and the fjord.

Friday, 22 February 2013


Today I felt like doing something fun, going out for a drink or so, but instead I ended up sitting at home doing some online shopping and playing with the cats. Thats feels just a tiny bit sad... Luckily I at least joined my colleagues H and F when they went to ikea after work so I could buy myself some Swedish food for dinner. Elk lasagne! I found a few other fun little things to take home with me. Pillow cases, a new plant and a napkin holder. And singing EMINEM songs in the backseat on our way home was fun as well.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bedroom window

Some details from the bedroom. New curtain from Ã…hlens, it doesn't make it completely dark at night but the light that comes through only creates the illusion if a tree outside so that's only fine. My mother used to have the cream coloured dresser in her room when she grew up, it's real vintage IKEA if I remember correctly! Next to it there's a teak magazine holder, that I found at a flea market here in Stavanger last summer.

In the window I keep some books that are waiting to be read, a photo from Jessica Silversaga and some extra cat food in a glass jar. On the dresser I keep a radio for when I get dressed in the morning. There's also two bowls with wooden lids from Systrene Greene where I store jewellery and a larger one from Bolia for our watches.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bambi and poodle

More shopping... Found a top and a dress at the Oasis sale today. I can't resist clothes with animals on! Especially not when there's a pretty collar involved as well.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Polka-dot wall

A while ago I saw a picture on Pinterest of a polka-dotted wall and decided to try that in our bedroom, using wall-stickers. Unfortunately I didn't pin the picture, so now I can't find it... To begin with I considered gold dots but I ended up with grey. These are vinyl stickers from Wall Art, and the result became pretty good I think, even though the structure of the wall isn't ideal for stickers.

Looks great from a distance though! And it took only about an hour in total, measuring where to put them, cutting them out from the sheet and then sticking them to the wall.

New shoes

Found a new pair at the Mango sale! Black leather with studs. Very rock n' roll.

Monday, 18 February 2013

monday blues

I'm a bit sad today. Seems like Cricket might be getting sick again, after just finishing eating antibiotics for the last time she got sick, two weeks ago. I'm hoping I'm just reading to much into her behaviour though... Right now she's sitting on the banister outside the office and nagging me to let her in. Cats really don't like locked doors.

room with a view

We recently had contractors in our house to finally install the washing machine and dish-washer ( 9 months after we moved in ) in the kitchen so the whole room has been in a bit of a mess. Plus I've just started on the painting project I mentioned in the kitchen mood-post, so I still don't' feel ready to show the final result. I'd like to share one part of it though, that I'm really happy with!
We have one small and one large window in the kitchen, both facing a part of our tiny backyard and our neighbours parking space. As you understand looking out isn't the priority, plus I wanted to screen the window off a bit since people looking in can be an issue, but I didn't want to get rid off all of the daylight. I came up with a simple, practical and pretty solution (sorry for the bad quality photos):

The shelf is made by an oak plank that I bought at Clas Ohlson. I oiled it with the same oil that I've used for the counter-top (bought at IKEA). I then installed the shelf simply by screwing to white-painted wooden blocks to the window frame. The plank is just glued two the blocks.

Now I can easily add some greenery to the kitchen without using valuable counter-top space and still have a clear view of what's going on outside. The pots are from IKEA, Lagerhaus and one's from the thrift shop. The owl is also a from the thrift shop, but it used to be white.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Today E invited me and some other people over to her and Bs place for brunch. And what a brunch! Seriously, that girl and food...
Pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries, eggs, bacon and beans, baked tomatoes and asparagus, bagels with cream-cheese... And coffee! And OJ! Very impressive...


Yesterday I went grocery- and thrift shopping with T and E. I came home with amongst other things this cute leather bag, that E spotted for me. Perfect size for holding my camera, wallet and phone. Thrift shopping in Stavanger isn't very easy and stuff is still quite expensive, but if you're persistent you can still make some bargains.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Christmas colors

Today's outfits details: green cardigan my mom gave me, black dress with crochet collar from Bik Bok and my new red hair!

Eye see

Apparently I've got eye problems. The most obvious one is my near sightedness that is so stylishly solved by my glasses, but there's another one, one that has been bothering me for years and which I'm now finally getting around to fixing. The muscles in my eyes are not strong enough to help me focusing on a long distance, especially when I've been reeding or working on the computer. This results in me seeing two if everything. Not a good thing when you're driving for example! So now I've signed up for a training program with my optician. You know how some people get "PTs" a.k.a personal trainers to get them fit? Well, I've got myself a visual trainer now, so I'll refer to him as my VT from now on! Mostly I'm just going to do exercises at home in front of the computer and them I'll go on check ups with my VT once every two weeks or so. In 12-13 weeks I hope to have really well toned eyes and one less eye problem.

My gear.

kicthen inspiration

While on the subject of kitchens... Check (!) out this awesome floor! The whole color-scheme, the shiny, crazy, lovely floor and the wallpaper - I adore this room! Quite far away from the mood board I showed you yesterday, but still.

Pretty green kitchen
image source

Thursday, 14 February 2013

kitchen mood

I'm starting with a small painting project in the kitchen today, so I felt it was time that I shared my kitchen mood board so ya'll can get an idea what I'm working towards. When we moved in here we discussed if we were going to invest in a complete remodelling of the kitchen or if we would try to do the best with what was already there. We ended up doing the latter, more or less. This has resulted in some compromises and what's there today isn't exactly my dream kitchen (e.g no chessboard-tiles on the floor, no mint green Smeg fridge or chrome detailing...) but it's a great mixture of old and new, and the rooms feels like it fits pretty nicely with the overall style of the house.

Image source: picture one, picture two, picture three, picture 4
So, here's the inspiration, I'll be back soon (after the paint-job is done and there's been a nice sunny day for photos) with the actual result!


Today I bought new hair colour. I've been looking for something along the lines of  really red, but none of the stores I've checked have had the exact right shade. But today I went to Cubus and realized that I had loads to choose from!

And then I chickened out and went for the same copper blond I used the last time...

But it ended up pretty red anyway, so I'm happy!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My indoor Uggs

Our house is really old and really cold in the winter.... So how happy was I when I found these bad boys at a furniture store (?) a while back! They're so warm and soft and fuzzy it's like walking on kittens! Also I like that they make my feet look like animal feet. I'm thinking kangaroo, what do you think?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

livingroom update

Last week we got a new lamp over the dining table. I've liked it since the first time I saw it in the store, and it turns out that the simple shape and material worked good in this small room, where there's already a lot going on. Since the light source is visible we opted for a large, round light bulb. It was a true bargain, costing only 250NOK at Kremmerhuset.

The furniture is the same we had at the old apartment, a second hand set that I bought from the Salvation Army. I've reupholstered the seats and did the same with another thrift find, the little footstool that functions as extra seating.

The house hierarchy

Happy first birthday Cricket!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Thursday, 7 February 2013

easy peasy recipe

Fast and easy, that's how I like my food. And only my food, mind you. This is a dish I do every once in a while, and I always try to have the ingredients in my fridge if I should feel the urge for it. And since you only need five ingredients that's not particularly tricky. So, without further ado - this is how you do the terrific tuna-burgers! For two burgers you'll need:
- can of tuna in water
- half a package of cream cheese
- some red onion, about 2 tbs should be enough add more if you like
- dill
- hamburger-bread

Shop the onion, mix with the other ingredients in a bowl and put the mixture in the hamburger bread. Fry the whole thing in a frying pan - on low heat!!! - until it's done. Can't be any more specific than that - I always burn the bread. Always. Without exception. I guess I'm just a tiny bit impatient. But it still tastes good.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Scandinavian skies

Thus weekend I took a trip to Gothenburg to visit friends and family, and to attend various celebrations. I only worked until lunch on Friday and then walked back to the house to say goodbye to the cats after which I embarked on my trip. Bus, air plane, train and bus... Am I the only one who always get a toothache when I fall asleep in a bus? It's weird... On Saturday I went shopping at Beyond Retro, had coffee and a"semla" with my dad and then went to an After Dark show with my old friends H, E and M. Lots of fun! After having a drink at Heaven 23 I went back home to celebrate my mom's birthday. A short but intense visit!