Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kitchen wall sneak-peak

The project in the kitchen that I have been mentioning for a while now got finished last week. I need to wait for better lighting so I can take a better picture of the whole thing, but here's a iPhone photo sneak-peak!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

flying high

Flying... It's not my favourite thing in the world. I'm not overly fond of the beeing-in-the-air part but it's the take offs and landings that are truly stressful, especially with turbulence. So when my boss asked me if I could facilitate a workshop in a town in the northern part of Norway where I'd have to fly I wasn't thrilled but hey, a person has to do what a person has to do. I even suggested that we should try to go there and back in the same day, because I prefer to sleep at home. Little did I know...  The meeting was yesterday, and we left from Sola Airport at 8.05am, and return at 23.50 and in between I got to see 4 other airports - seven take offs and landings all included! And there were some frigging awful turbulence up north that I got to experience in a small propeller-driven aircraft. It was really terrifying, but I'm glad I got to do it: "normal" flying seems so easy now!

Monday, 4 March 2013

No misunderstandings:

I love these guys!

Living with cats: shit my cats broke

Mayhem!! eeeeh well, not really. Our cats are pretty well behaved, and beside the occasional cat-fight (hehe) in the middle of the night, the worst things we have to deal with is dirt that's been dug out from flowers pots, minor clawing of the couch and some half-eaten hair-bands. But then you quickly learn that more valuable shoes, bags and glasses should be placed out of reach for tiny claws and teeth...

you see that humongous scratch on my glasses? Guess who did that...

Another pair of headphones has seen its untimely death.

this belt is dead too.

Keepin' it clean

It's so much more fun to clean up after yourself when you got your cleaning stuff easily accessible and looking nice, don't you think? This week I invested in some nice-smelling hand-soap and a neat little bottle for the detergent so I don't have to keep the ugly plastic bottle on the counter-top.

To protect the oak-wood I collected everything on one of the plates that I've decorated with my porcelain pen - I though the drop-pattern was pretty appropriate.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Reaching higher

Guess what I've been up to this weekend?

Climbing! Me and A and a group of people from his work to a course in preparation for the climbing certificate - Brattkortet at SiS.. This certificate proves that you have the required safety knowledge to be allowed to use climbing walls all over Norway. We've been practising climbing, of course, but mostly focusing on belaying - that is to be the person securing the rope on the ground. It's a bit scary to hold someone else's well-being in your slightly sweaty palms...

It's been two pretty challenging days, but fun too, and besides really tired arms and ruined nails I feel great about it. It's a good feeling to put yourself in new situations and mastering them. I'm pretty sure I wont be a climbing-pro any time soon, but I'll definitely do it again.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Hallway update

New door mat in the entrance. The smaller mat opened up this tiny room and I love the kind of trendy pattern in combination with such a basic material.