Monday, 29 April 2013

New skills

As my thirtieth birthday approaches you'd think I would be getting stressed about age and so on. But no, not really. I've done quite a lot during the first 30 years of my life, I'm pretty sure it will continue being interesting. I have however started to reflect on if there's anything I wish I'd done or seen or learned... And I came up with one thing (to begin with): I want to learn how to do victory rolls! So today I watched some tutorials on YouTube, and here's the result of my first ever try.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hugo's paw

It's injured. After two trips to the vet we still don't know what's wrong with it, but now he walks on it again. And they did an X-ray so we know nothing is broken. That's good. Hugo does not appreciate being taken to the vet. He hates going in to the cage, but apparently he doesn't mind hanging out on top of it. He might have control-issues.

Monday, 22 April 2013

A really awesome spring Sunday

Today has been a pretty sucky day so instead I think back on yesterday, the first real spring day here in Stavanger! After a not so very healthy brunch and some time cleaning in the garden put on a spring-y outfit and met up with E to explore Garage Sale Sunday in our neighbourhood. I found some good stuff, but the best find was all thanks to E. She noticed a man putting out a park bench on the side walk to give away for free! And we so needed a park bench for the garden! Me and E carried the thing all the way home, luckily we could sit down and rest every once in a while. we then tested it for a while in the garden with some coffee and cake. Great stuff!

Sunny Stavanger
E, Nemo and the Bench
Me and my other finds: a Paris illustration and an Orla Kiely dress

Love this print

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Ice-cream for 69NOK (12$)... Still it's cheaper than a pizza would be!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Tgif kind of

So today I'm a bit sick. A throat and nose kind of deal. It sucks. But I didn't really have any plans for this weekend anyway so I guess hanging out with the cats in the couch and sleeping late is going to work fine. Seems like Cricket might have a cold too though, that's worse. Poor darling.
Anyway, on a happy note - I went to the supermarket to get some hamburger bread for my tuna-burger-dinner and decided to pick up a couple of beers too, and I had to show my ID at the cash register! That's fun! Turning thirty seems even less bothersome now.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Laundry day obstacles

I'm doing some spring cleaning this weekend, especially when it comes to the fabric department if the house. That includes a great deal of laundry, among other things our pillows. Lovely! I didn't feel like washing the blankets so I hung them outside to air out in the sunshine. And then it starts frickin snowing! Oh, and then there's this big eared guy who always - ALWAYS - want to hide out in among the cleans laundry. Or in the laundry basket.

Living with cats - the wake up calls

Most nights my two furry housemates are really easy to live with. It's all sunshine and rainbows. We cuddle up together, usually Hugo sleeps somewhere around my pillow and Cricket at my knees. It's all good, they're soft and warm and purring. But then there are those nights - like tonight- when they get this crazy need for attention, all night long. My two friends have very different but equally annoying was of trying to get my attention, where Hugo is the aggressive one that starts biting anything that moves under the cover. Plus he runs around using me as a spring board. Right now he's pretty small and none of this actually hurt, but I can see how it can become an issue when the kitty has become a full grown cat. I mean, a Main Coon male can weigh up to 10kg! Cricket on the other hand, my delicate little flower... She goes for the lovingly approach and wants to give me kitty kisses. There she comes, stalking up the bed and starts head-butting me with nose breaking force, trying to lick my hair in between. Oh, and there might be the occasional nibble of ears. And if you try to avoid her cold little nose by hiding under the covers she can damn well find any tiny air hole you've created to worm here self into.
Of course it's all playful and sweet. And I still adore them in the morning.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Good morning sunshine

Starting off the day with a filling smoothie made of Greek yoghurt, almonds, banana, honey and oat. And an apple. Very healthy. And then I had some ice cream.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday oh Friday

I'm having a great evening. At about five I was tired and wanted to go bed but then I perked up! So no I've got us much stuff done, among other things I did some sowing and replanting in this years pre-gardening project. I had a nice talk with an old friend, and I've listened to some great music. Plus I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry! Now I'm hanging out on the couch with one cat on each side of me, purring. It's lovely. Plus I treated myself to a lime ice cream dinner... Good day

Aberdeen shopping

This Easter Holliday and our Aberdeen trip kind of snuck up on me. The only thing I had planned for was what to wear for the wedding that was the reason for us going there at all. A's colleague was getting married and we both got invited, yay! We decided to make a weekend out of this event and arrived two days before the wedding in Aberdeen. I've never been there before so we spent a day walking around and doing some shopping. 

in a pretty changing room, trying on a pretty blouse (and bought it)
 A must when we go to UK is to make a stop at Waterstones and buy books, since I don't really enjoy reading in Norwegian and English books are quite expensive in Stavanger.

Heaven - I mean Waterstones' fantasy-section
Coffee break at M&S
I had also googled for vintage clothing shops in the city, another thing that I miss in Stavanger, and we were successful in finding both of the ones I wanted to go to! I ended up buying a vintage necklace and a 60's handbag. Great!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Scotland - the wedding and the Ceilidh

On Saturday we woke up at the Lodge on the Loch close to the little town Aboyne. We started the day with a full Scottish breakfast - since we wasn't sure what the food situation was going to be for the day we wanted to get a solid start. Then I went back to the room and relaxed and read while A hung out with the groom and the rest of the guys from the bachelor party. At one we got picked up from our hotel by a bus along with some other wedding guests and we were off to the event if the day!


It was such a great day! We met some really great people, the bride and groom was beautiful and looked so happy. The wedding ceremony and the place it took place was beautiful and and the dinner was  the traditional Scottish Ceilidh, all night dancing! Think square dance mixed with some ring dance but to Scottish folk music. It was absolutely awesome, I haven't danced that much since the high school disco's during the 90's! I loved it. And there was kilts! Genuinely brilliant. I almost tore my arms out of their sockets I was swinging around so hard. There was one move called something about a willow tree which was so much fun... Oh Ceilidh, you rock.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Scotland in black and white

This Easter weekend we've been to Aberdeen, the Silver City. More posts to come...