Saturday, 29 June 2013

Back in bed

...or at least the couch... I had such big plans for today, so many nice little projects to get started with, but halfway through the first one - weeding in the garden - my back gave up! So now I'm stuck in the couch with the cats watching  Doctor Who. And Cricket snores!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

restyled, redesigned or remade - a weeklong outfit post

I've spent a couple of evenings this week mending the clothes in my "out of commission"-bag. This is where I put clothes that has been torn, has lost a button or that I want to alter in some way. I usually wait until this (pretty big) bag is full until I get around to fixing the stuff in there, so it's always a nice surprise to find clothes I forgot that I even owned! This time I took the chance to also alter some other stuff that has been hanging in my wardrobe but not getting the use they deserved for some reason or other. I ended up with a bunch of "new" clothes to play with in this weeks outfits!

Monday: These pants (from H&M) used to be about 10cm longer and for a person of normal height they would be "capri-length". On me they were almost long enough to be normal pants. I've had them for years, but now I finally got too tired of the weird length and cut them off. So much better!

Tuesday: This grey blouse (from Weekday) used to be a dress. I tore the fabric beyond repair and had to chose between throwing it away or altering it. This is the result, mixed with a belt and cardigan from H&M and a skirt from Mango.

Wednesday: I loved this faux leather skirt from Monki from first sight, but it didn't get enough use since it was an awkward length for me. Heh, that happens a lot! Anyway. I cut off about 15 cm. After some struggling in the sewing machine I had to finish hemming this by hand, but it turned out pretty great. Here it's worn with a cardigan from Zara, shoes, top and tights from I don't remember where.

Thursday: Another dress turned blouse. This one I actually altered years ago, and still use quite a lot. The dress had a really low waste that didn't work with my body-type (short torso...) but I liked the color and details. Today I paired it with this summer-y skirt from H&M and vintage necklace.

Friday: This might be my favourite this week, and it was such a small yet slightly tricky alteration! This dress is from Lindex and I got as a gift from my Dad several years ago. I always loved the color and dots, but it used to have ruffles along the neckline that made it hard to wear with a cardigan without it looking weird. And in Norway a cardigan is usually a must...  My first plan was to cut the ruffles off, but in the end I did an even more simple thing: I just folded the ruffles in and hid them, and sew a seam to keep them there. A bit hard to describe, but anyway. A bit off the ruffles can still be seen over the shoulders, but I think that just makes it cuter. Anyway, I'm really pleased with this and I think I'll use this dress a lot this summer!


Friday was movie night! This time we saw the new Star Trek movie and the part I looked forward to most was Benedict Cumberbatch as the super villain. And what a great job he did! Love him. The story over all I'm not entirely sure off and Captain Kirk wasn't what I'd hope for but Spock was ok. However a little too emotional perhaps. Anyway, it was truly enjoyable experience, and mr Cumberbatch has now reached the top three list of my favourite voices, along  with Hugo Weaving and James Earl Jones.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Maine Coon

Here's some pictures of our beautiful Hugo. He's got ears like a bat, paws like a lion and a fluffy tail as big as the rest of his body. He likes to lick your face and hands like a dog. And I never thought I'd feel fur softer than Crickets, but his is like silk!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Accessories of today: My favourite watch from Åhlens and my new iPhone skin from Etsy.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Eating out

These past few days are best described by pictures of food. Eaten in the sun. I just want to remember that this is how Norwegian summer can be like, at it's best. A book, some refreshing drinks and A sitting next to me. Perfection.

Mango smoothie with blueberry-cream cheese toast

Blue skies
Ice coffee and cinnamon rye bread

Old new lamp

About ten years ago, when I was a student and worked extra in an auction house I bought this fabulous lamp. I'm not sure what I paid for it, but I remember thinking it was pretty expensive for a student, but I really liked the smooth mid-century style. It hanged for a short period in my first apartment, until I kicked it down (!) while climbing out of my loft bed. Since then it's been living in three different storage rooms and has become slightly dented and damaged. But now it's back where it belong, over our sofa table in the living room!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

In This World

This is one of my favourite Moby-songs, but I'd never seen the video until today. And it made me so sad! I just want to be bets friends with these little dudes. And the "dog". 

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Today I got a package in my mailbox. I love when that happens! Even when it's just something I've ordered for myself... but this time it was a surprise, a birthday gift from my lovelt friend A in Sweden. My 30th birthday seems to be the birtday that just keeps on giving!

When I opened the envelope I found this pretty card and a very happy little gift!

With a wonderful brooch! A wrote that she had found it in a store in my favourite part of Gothenburg -  Haga, and she thought that it was made in the 1920s. It's such a lovely little thing, and I can't wait to wear it! Thank you so much A, hope to see you here soon!

6th of June, happy birthday Sweden!

Thusday the 6th of June was the National Day of Sweden. I never really celebrated this day when I lived in Sweden, unless you consider sleeping late and enjoy a day off as celebrating. I guess this is one of the things that changes when you become an "ex-pat" or maybe we just got really influenced by how thoroughly the Norwegians celebrate their day - the 17 of May... anyway, me and my Swedish friend E decided to celebrate with a typical Swedish dinner!

potatoes, spiced salmon, mustard-sauce, different kinds of pickled herring, meatballs red beet salad, eggs, sour cream with chives, Swedish crisp-bread...
eating in the company of a Swedish flag
this food is best enjoyed with beer and snaps
and then finish with strawberries and cream for dessert...

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fruity fresh

Want to start a summer day the best way possible? Try this smoothie:
  • 3 table spoons of vanilla youghurt
  • 1 dl of orange juice
  • half a frozen banana
  • 1 dl of frozen mango
  • 10 almonds
Mix it all in a mixer. Pour in a big glass. Add a pretty and matching straw.

PS: I'm not a 100% sure of the amount of all of the ingredients, this was just something I tested this morning, but I liked the creamy consistency and the taste was great! Maybe next time I'll add some more juice so I can actually use the straw...

Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer Monday

Best thing with today? Finding some "old" m&m's in a bag and enjoying them in the sunshine in the backyard. Got to put my feet up on one of my new seat-cushions from Åhlen's - this might be the most summerish colour-combination and pattern there is, white and mint stripes. Makes me think of ice cream.

Outfit 130602

This is the outfit I wore when me, A and E went to see our fabulous friend T perform in the opera choir in the production of La Traviata at the Stavanger Concert House yesterday. There were some lovely music, great performances and really cool costumes on that stage, but we were not allowed to take any pictures so my outfit is all you get to see...

a new favourite dress from Lindex (gift from Mom!) old cardigan from Monsson

Hugo & Cricket

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Saturday, 1 June 2013

the backyard reveal!

I finally got before and after pictures of the backyard! The whole make-over project consisted of three parts. 1: paint the fence. 2: paint the concrete wall under the fence. 3: build a deck.
Let's start with a "during"picture. I'm so happy to have a dad that came all the way from Sweden to help with this project. Here we are, him building the frame for the deck and me painting the ugly concrete wall that is part of the fence to our neighbour.

Here's the before and after pictures. The place wasn't half bad to begin with, I had already done some planting and cleaning, but it definitely lacked cosiness and warmth due to the rough materials. I just love the contrast with how it turned out though!





I'm still completely thrilled over this new space I have to hang out in, where I can play with my plants, have drinks with friends and just relax. It's like suddenly discovering you have a new room in your house!