Saturday, 30 November 2013

New art in the kitchen!

A while back I found this very stylish print from the Etsy-shop Yumalum. I couldn't resist the mid-century charm of it and the color-scheme that would work so nicely with our kitchen, so I bought it. I'm still not completely satisfied with the frame, but at least it's up there! Isn't it just lovely?

Friday, 29 November 2013


I aired my three new second-hand skirts the other day, and when I hung them up inside I realized that I might be distancing myself from my usual blue and green color-scheme. All of these warm colors are very rare in my wardrobe, but it feels good to try out something new...

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Three Thursday surprises

I realized that I forgot to write a Monday Top Three post this week. So I'm doing it today instead, for two reasons: The first is that today was a day where focusing on the good stuff seems important, and the second reason is that three pretty nice things happened. Within half an hour! Things that made a stressful day way better:

1. The dentist. Hey, you didn't see that coming did ya!? Well I had an appointment because I've had this pain in a tooth for a while now (like a year or so), and when I got there the dentist told me it was because the last filling I got was a bit too high so he filed it down and told me it was all for free!! And I think the pain is gone too! That's GREAT!

2. Doctor Who. Not so surprising... But remember when I told you I had ordered the second part of season 7 from the local sci-fi and fantasy store Outland? Well I hadn't heard for them, so on my way home from the dentist I went in and checked, and they still hadn't received it but instead they sold me the entire Season 7 for the same price just because I had waited so long! Even GREATER!!

3. Soda! So here I am, walking home imagining how nice it will be to crawl up in the couch with my new Doctor Who DVD and decide to stop by at Deli deLuca to buy my favorite cookie to make things even nicer. And in there I found the Swedish Christmas-beverage Julmust, that i havn't seen anywhere else in Stavanger. Win, win and WIN!

Couch from A-Z

I was suuuuuper tired when I came home from work today. And a biHard workt sad. I fell asleep on the couch and didn't think I was going to move away from there until bedtime, but then I got a tiny spark of energy and started cleaning the house. Three hours later I have a clean house and I'm tired again, But happier. And I have a new picture on the wall. By the couch. Where it all started.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


In a weak (or strong) moment last week I told The Amazing A that I wanted to join him the next time he was going swimming. In the outdoor swimming pool here in town... That next time was today. And it was so cold and rainy, but I went!

I feel pretty good about myself now that I got some warmth back in my body. 

What I did not buy in Göteborg this weekend

This sweater. How awesome is this? Unfortunately a bit to big (and itchy) for me, but if you have been looking for a grey cardigan with bright red parrots (?) and trees turned upside down (?) for all of your life I can inform you that it can (hopefully) still be found at Beyond Retro in Gotheburg. Wear it and be stunning. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Gingerbread art

Today E invited me to decorate gingerbread at her house. She's the best, I didn't have to bake or anything, I just got to do the fun part! Plus I got real inspired when it comes to decorating the gingerbread-house I plan to build on Sunday.

This time we ventured a bit outside the norm for what's usually on a cookie like this. At the top: A study of mens fashion over the 80's, 90's and 00's: Balloon pants (E made that one), baggy pants and skinny jeans. Left: Winter landscape. Right: blingy snow-star

We also tried to look beyond the shape of the cookie. Left top: Christmas-tree turned into Woman with red hat. Left bottom: Three pigs and a lady turned into rosebuds. Right: Pig turned into creepy man with green hat and coat. A.k.a Leprechaun in disguise.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

The weekend

30 year old wine, 12 hours of continuous talking with three of my best friends and a massage. Plus some shopping in a couple of Gothenburg's best second hand shops. Now I'm on my way home and hope that some of the fun I've had this weeken will influence the coming week into being a good one.

Style challenge 2013, Pink and Red

Referring to this post about me challenging some of the hang-ups I have on clothes that I own and why I don't  wear them. Here's me proving that I can wear red. And pink. And actually wear them on the same time! One hang-up done, four to go.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Macarons with Mom

On Friday I was at my Moms place and we decided to try and make the most popular pastry in the blogosphere besides cup cakes - macaroons! It was easier than I thought except getting the size right... 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Since there are no more Hunger Games-books:

I loved the Hunger Games trilogy. I liked the first film, I look forward to the second, but I loved the books. I read them quite a while ago, and they inspired me to search for more books in the same genre. Oh, and by the way, this time when I say read, I mean listened to, this is part of my audio-book obsession. I can listen everywhere! Anyway. I've found a bunch of series that are in the same genre, post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction, and here some of them I recommend!

1. Divergent Trilogy- Veronica Roth
I'm just starting on the third book in this series, but it has been really good so far. Not as good as hunger games, but up there. Apparently this too is going to be a film. The world (or at least one city) is divided in to groups of people based on their qualities and traits. Some teach, some guard, some farm. But why?

2. The Maze Runner series- James Dashner
The Maze Runner
The Scorch Trials
The Death Cure
The Kill Order
This is a kind of creepy series, I just finished the third book and didn't actually know there was a fourth one! This to will be a film, and I'm interested in this one because of all of the interesting locations it takes place. Anyway, it's really good, you never know what's real and it's very high paced.

3. The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy - Carrie Ryan
The Forest of Hands and Teeth
The Dead Tossed Waves
The Dark and Hollow Places
Zombies! Everywhere zombies! A bit like The Walking Dead, but kinder. Not as bloody. But still. Not as good as the other tow, but still entertaining. A bit too romantic and soppy at times. I haven't finished the second book yet, but I hope it picks up it pace a bit soon. I just read on Wikipedia that even this book might become a movie!

All these books are marketed to young adults. I choose to see myself as one of those, even though I'm 30 now, but just so you know.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

I fly away, fly away my darling

Another super-early morning to catch a flight. Yesterday I went back and forth to Oslo for a day full of meetings, but today I'm NOT working! I'm taking this Friday off and jumping on a plane to have a mega-relaxing weekend in Gothenburg with my mom and then some of my best friends. I so need this... 

Everyday-style challenge

OK, so I guess most people have stuff they don't think look good when it comes to clothes. It's not strange, it's a question about taste and what you feel you look good in. But I have decided to challenge some of my own prejudices, to test if they really look as bad as I imagine they do. Most of these things I don't mind on other people, it's only when it comes to myself that I have decided they don't work. There are a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that are just hanging there because there's some detail that makes me hesitant to use them. Because, you see, I still buy these things thinking they look good on the hanger and that I will get over my hang-ups. So I've picked five "things" I think look stupid (on me) and now I challenge myself to actually wear some of these seldom used items that I already own instead of just buying new stuff:

1. Red and pink
It's not the combination of the two, I just don't think I look good in any of these colors. I mostly wear black, grey, green or blue.

2. Wearing glasses and earrings at the same time
Silly huh? I just can't! I guess it's because my glasses are kind of big and I don't like mixing accessories of different material and color, so as long as my earrings are not black plastic I very rarely wear stuff in my ears. It just too much. It might be that I'm compensating for being 18 and always over-accessorizing, too...

3. See-though blouses (or see-though anythings)
I can't stand them! It's so annoying and looks so busy to have to wear an additional top underneath just so I wont show my bra. Because I'm not going to show my bra. Period.

4. Shorts with tights
This looks good on others, I just can't see myself in them. Too short and bare. And this is strange because I wear skirts a lot and they can show off a bit of leg. But not too short skirts... I'm not sixteen anymore...

5. Mixing patterns
I wear patterns. Just not with other patterns. And I always wear a patterned item together woth something plane in the same color as one of the colors in the pattern.

Sooo, anyone else have the same hang-ups? Let's see if I can't work with mine. I kind of look forward too it!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mailbox magic

So the result of my Etsy shopping-spree has now started to be visible in our mailbox. I love getting packages!! They come from all over the world, with handwritten notes from crafty people in Greece, Thailand, England... Most of these things are Christmas gifts that I will soon rewrap and that will then just sit in a box waiting for the big day. But still... That's almost even more fun!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

No fun

Sweden - Portugal 2-3... 

Tuesday TV-post

Hello Daryl. That's a nice crossbow you've got there.

Image source
One of my favorite tv-series ever is The Walking Dead, and one of my favorite characters ever, Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday the 18th of November

Another Monday Top Three post! I had a long day at work today, but I felt pretty rested when I woke up, and I still have a lot of energy so this lazy weekend with a lot of sleep must have done what it was supposed to. Here's the three best things about this Monday:

1. Getting mail! I ordered some stuff from Etsy that arrived today and I got a lift from my friend and colleague H to the post office and just got there in time to get the packages. Yay, gifts for myself!

2. Planning the weekend. I'm going to Gothenburg to hang with some of my oldest and best-est friends. Spa and champagne!

3. Easy dinner. A made a lovely pasta-gratin yesterday and I could just pop some leftovers in the microwave after work an eat directly when I came home today. And that was fabulous since I didn't have time to eat lunch at work and I was really hungy...

Re-designing a footstool

I've had this IKEA footstool, or pouf or whatever you call it since my first student apartment, ten years ago or so. It was red then, matching an IKEA lounge chair that I brought from my room at my parents house. Over the years I (or rather my dad who is really great at sewing) changed the fabric of it once. That time I had ordered a new cover (Dusty Rose) for the lounge chair from  Bemz and ordered some extra fabric for the stool. Now we have given the lounge chair to T, but we still needed a footstool for the Lamino chair next to the fireplace. Since the fabric of the Lamino and the old footstool didn't match at all I've been looking for a replacement for a while now, preferably something in the same style as the chair. Unfortunately it's pretty hard to find something that matches, so until I do I decided to give the old one a new look. I had a couple of different thoughts - sheep skin, something knitted... In the end I decided to go to Fretex and see if I could find anything inspiring. And I came home with (among other things) and old woolen coat! And then there was a scissor and a sewing machine....

Honestly, I'm not super excited over the result. It's better then before, but I should have measured a bit better and taken more time in construction this thing. But I'm always inpatient, and as for a temporary solution it is good. I left some of the details of the coat, and I thought it turned out kind of cute. Hugo approves.

Sunday, 17 November 2013


It's Sunday night and I've had a calm and slow day. I did get out of the house to go to the movies with my friend C, but otherwise not much have been done. The movie we saw was pretty great, though, it was called Wadja ( den grønne sykkelen på norsk) and is about a young girl in Riyjad that wants a bike. It was very sweet and interesting and well worth seeing. 
Now I'm going back to relaxing in the couch, with the rest of the family.

Fretex fashion

Yesterday I went to Fretex (the Norwegian chain of second hand store run by the Salvation army) to find some material for a project at home. More on that in a later post. I always complain about how bad I think it is that there isn't a real marked for used items here in Stavanger, and that I never find anything when I go to the very few second hand shops here. Well this time I did! I walked away with a lovely woolen coat, a never used skirt from the collaboration between Marni and H&M and a pair of pretty shoes with bows on! Yay!

Saturday, 16 November 2013


I'm considering buying a new pair of glasses... I got my eye (heh) on these frames from Paul Smith, but I'm not sure... Choosing frames is really really difficult, and since I'll be wearing them every day I don't mind taking time finding the perfect ones. I might actually start by just replacing the glass in my old ones to my new prescription.


Today's schedule: team building-day at work with croquis, project visits, Georgian food and bowling, then wine tasting and French buffet with A's colleagues. Now I'm exhausted, my belly is full and I'm very ready for weekend...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

So, as I've told you I have been Christmas-shopping on Etsy. But to be honest there have been some shopping for myself from there as well... Today I got this lovely t-shirt in my mailbox, and after just a couple of seconds of display on the dinner table it got cat-approved. And I always wanted a t-shirt with my cat on!
T-shirt from The Bold Banana

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Granit is one of my favorite stores in Sweden. They sell, well, mostly they sell boxes and stuff for storage and organisation, but  they also sell calendars, napkins, some clothes, note books, laundry baskets, stuff for your garden, lamps, and just a little bit of everything for your home. And it's all typically grey or black or made of concrete or card board. And it's great. Trust me. When we went to Stockholm this weekend I had to spend some time in one of their shops and this is the only store where I got inspired to actually do some Christmas decoration in the house this year. I love how they use green, white, grey and brass in their Christmas window, and that's what I want to use this year too, to Chrismasify the house. No red.
Of course I couldn't buy everything that I wanted, partly because I'm not made of money and partly because it would have been hard to transport back home to Norway, but I did get away with some small stuff. 

My purchases: mini-light stand, Christmas-tree ball, count-down-to-Christmas-candle and a tea towel. Kind of monochrome now that I look like it like this...

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Tom Hiddleston, here's looking at you.

Things to do - and stuff to eat - in Stockholm

First: I'm not in anyway an expert when it comes to Stockholm. I go there a couple of times a year to visit friends and family but I have never lived there myself. That said, this time I had actually done quite a lot of research and preparations since the trip was a gift for A's 30 birthday, and many of the things we did was really nice so I want to share a couple of them with you guys. And maybe give you some ideas what to do if you plan to visit.

Gamla Stan

Eat dinner at Djuret
This restaurant in Gamla Stan isn't something I would recommend to a vegetarian, as you might have guessed if you know Swedish. Djuret means "the animal". They focus on one type of animal at a time - according to season - and the food is rustic and hearty. We ate a three course meal based on goose and I really liked both the food and the atmosphere.

Try Food Tours Stockholm
Want to try as many restaurants as possible in a short amount of time? Try going on a Food Tour! We went with a group of eight other people we had never met before and two guides on a walking tour that featured the best restaurants of Söder in Stockholm. I took about four hours and we visited seven restaurants... We tried for example the best dumplings ever at Fang Yuan Shi Wu, lovely fresh ceviche at Peruan Tumi and tasty Swedish cheeses at Urban Deli. We actually missed the eight place because we had another appointment, but even so this was a fantastic experience. I definitely recommend doing it. I'm going to try their other tour the next time...

Live at Rica Hotel Gamla Stan
This time we lived at this small hotel in the middle of Gamla Stan. Very central, very cozy and very calm. Classic furniture, heavy drapes and kings in golden frames on the walls. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, apparently it's the included breakfast buffet is developed in collaboration with the Swedish national chef-team. Yum.

Eat brunch in Kaknästornet
The Kaknäs tower is a 155 meter high telecommunication-tower with an observation deck and restaurant. We tried their brunch on a Sunday and it was a really pleasant experience. We tried pretty much everything on their generous buffet along with our mimosas and enjoyed the foggy view. Recommended!