Friday, 31 January 2014

update on the food-situation

Remember how I used to eat chocolate for dinner four nights a week? Well that's a long forgotten practice! I do indulge in the occasional chocolate bar (once or twice a week...) but just look at these dishes, that me and A cooked this past week! Behold and be jealous:

Liba-bread veggie pizza
salmon and asparagus

pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and asparagus

Bits and pieces of the living room

I re-discovered on 50 mm lens for my camera the other day, and experimented a bit. As a result of this. Here's some pictures of things in our living room. Old and new things, mostly blues and greens, my favorite colors.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

I've read: To Kill A Mockingbird

Every now and then I stray away a bit from my usual sci-fi and fantasy books. This time it was when reading the classic To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I've been meaning to read this for a long time and lets just say I'm glad I did. 
Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
This is one of those books that are not impossible to put down, but as soon as you do you long to pick it up and continue reading again. Even though the story isn't epic it touches on very important themes, such as race, class and innocence. The tempo is kind of slow at times but it never stops being interesting, and the story is told with such warmth and humor you sit there and smile a lot. The story take place in a town in Alabama, in the 1930s. It is told by a six-year-old girl, Scout, and focuses on events happening to her, her borther Jem and father Atticus as well as the other people in her town, all described in a way that makes it easy to picture them in front of you hand hear there voices.

The Heidi-hair

Two braids wrapped around the head. It's a great and easy hairstyle for a bad hair day, and it is a bit more fun than a traditional pony tail. I think the look is cute, A thinks I look a bit funny, but all in all, I'm just happy my hair is finally long enough so I can play around with styles like this. Yay!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Moon-wall, inspiration from ABM

As I was saying in my hallway wall post, I'm considering doing something creative with one of the walls in our bedroom. I'm not sure what yet, I've been thinking wallpaper, fabric, paint or just to go crazy with some freehand drawing. And then I saw this post over at A Beautiful Mess, one of the most inspiring blogs out there, and feel in love with their idea.

image source A Beautiful Mess
Now, the wall in question - it's behind our bed -  isn't as big as this one (see the wall here) but it continues into this sloping ceiling that is just plain and white and boring. How nice wouldn't bee to fall asleep and wake up to a moon just above your head? I've pitched this idea for A, and he gave me his approval, as long as I would do a proper, well made moon.With the rest of the coloring in our room I think I would go for a silver or gray moon, even though I love the golden original. I'm still not sure I will do this, it might just be too complicated in the end, but if no, I'm saving this idea for a wall in any future home, because I think it's brilliant.

Owl and dot

This is what I put on to perk myself up a bit before a work-day completely spent in front of the computer. My new owl-dress that i got from A for Christmas, dotty tights (matching our new wall...) and the new boots. They are made for walking, but I need to walk some more in them for them to feel like they where made for me to walk in them. My feet are a bit sore.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bank bank

So, the other day me and A went to the bank to talk to our bank-lady about money and stuff. And retirements savings. Jeeez. It's so hard to relate to questions like "so how high would you like your payment of pension to be?" and "at what age do you think you will retire?". I'm like, "oh, very high please" and "maybe at fifty?". But I do feel very mature and grown up and a bit proud f myself eight now. And the future me is very happy withe me. One of my fifteen New Year's resolutions for 2014 was to save more and spend less, so I guess this is a step in the right direction there.  Yay!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday 27th of January

Hôla amigos!

Today I'm in a surprisingly good mood for being a Monday. The major reason? Number 1 on my Monday Top Three list fro this week:

1. Trying new things! One of my New-year's-Resolutions for this year was "to something new", and tonight I did! Me and my friend E went dancing, specifically to a beginners class in Lindy Hop! And it was so much fun! Definitely a good way to start a new and windy week in January..
2. My pretty pretty nails. A gift from the same E, cat-nail-stickers have been making me smile everytime I catch a glimpse of my hands all day.
3. leftovers! I thought I would have to cook something, but then I found some tasty leftover-food in the fridge so now all I have to do i nuke and enjoy.

Happy Monday!

Genius cat

Tipping your food bowl over so you can comfortably lie down while eating. Damn, he's smart! I've got to start doing the same...

Sunday, 26 January 2014

the blue sweater of guilt

I've decided to cut back on my shopping, specifically impulse buying of clothes when I happen to go in to a store and see thing I like on sale. I rarely need any of those things I buy, I only buy them to make a bargain. So from no on I want to be more specific on what I need, think a bit longer and then indulge in things of good quality. And the only times I should do any impulse shopping should be in second hand stores, my guilt about shopping there is far smaller.
All of this sounds very good, but after a day at work where I maybe feel a bit sorry for myself for having so much to do, if I find myself having couple of minutes over in a clothes store, my resolve is far gone. That's what happened last week when I found this sweater, and a couple of other items, on sale. I fell in love with the pretty pattern immediately, and even though I feel like this is something that I might actually wear a lot, I still feel a bit bad about buying it. Maybe this post will serve as a reminder to keep to my plan for the rest of the year? We'll see...

Shirt and sweater H&M, skirt Zara

Saturday, 25 January 2014

the cats are really not supposed to be on the dinner table

The boredom and the disapointment

The boredom
So here's another weekend where we haven't made any plans. On Friday, I felt very happy about this fact. I've had a busy week with a lot to do at work, and an unplanned weekend felt like the perfect thing! I could just do all that stuff I didn't have the energy for during the week. You know, painting, cleaning, working out... And sleeping late without feeling any pressure to leave the bed, that awesome! But now the weekend is here, I feel I should have booked in at least one social event, to just get out of the house a bit. Oh well, the weekend isn't over yet. Hopefully E have time to go for a walk tomorrow. And maybe A and I can go to the movies in the evening.

The disappointment: 
Just to get a reason to leave the house today I decided to take the bus out to one of the few second-hand shops we have here in Stavanger, Fretex in Mariero. This is a kind of large shop, that sell both furniture, clothes and just about everything else you might ever need (or not). I didn't have any specific items on my shopping list, expect for finding something to put on the stairwell wall (more on that in a future post) but as soon as I came in the door I found something I just needed to buy! That is, I saw it, I walked around for 2 minutes letting the decision to buy it come to me, and then I got over to the counter and waited in the line. This item that caught my attention was a bike. I have a bike, a bike I bought three years ago, didn't use for a year and then one day decided to use only to realize that someone had stolen both wheels. And since buying new wheels would cost maybe as much as a new bike, I've decided to cut my losses and just buy a new (but used) one. Long story short, this bike at Fretex was everything I've been looking for, it had a handlebar basket, a carrier in the back and it seemed to be in good condition. As I was standing in line with one person in front of me I suddenly got a bit indecisive, and stepped put of the line to call A so he could convince me this was a good idea. I got the necessary support and went back in line, this time behind a lady that took so much time deciding if she really wanted to buy that tea cup, or whatever. Once she had decided and it was my turn I expressed my wishes to buy the bike only to get the answer that it had just been sold - to the lady in front of me! Damn! I was so disappointed, I felt it like a physical reaction, like how it feels when you get really really angry. In those short minutes I had already created a beautiful future for me and the bike in my mind, going on and pick-nicks together with coffee and cookies in the basket, exploring the nature around Stavanger, giving it a nice and sheltered new home in our backyard, maybe adding some flower garlands on the carrier... 

As I was going back home from my unsuccessful shopping trip (well, I did find a small mirror, a cardigan and a flower pot, so it wasn't all bad, but not life changing like the bike would have been) I walked past the tiny lake in the middle of Stavanger, and took some pictures of the birds that hang out here all year round. In a way this cheered me up a bit, mostly because I like animals and birds are cool, but also because in this strong wind and light snowfall looking at these creatures enduring the winter made me happy to go home to my warm house and spend the rest of the weekend indoors in the couch.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fancy food, SSO & Veronica Maggio

So tonight I've had a date night with the girls. We went to the new concert house and saw the collaboration between Swedish artist Veronica Maggio and the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. And before that we had a lovely three course dinner at the concert house restaurant. That's what I call a good way to spend a Thursday night!

I've actually not listened a lot to Veronica Maggio, but I've always liked her. For me she falls in to the same category a another Swedish icon Håkan Hellström, with songs about breakups and kisses, how it feels like being 17 and not really knowing what to do with your life and then crazy nights that you will remember forever. Oh, the memories...

I'm not a huge fan of sitting down at a concert, even though I guess that was suitable for a concert where a symphony orchestra is involved, but you don't really get the party-singalong-dance-vibe... Especially if you sit on the 3rd balcony, and donät know the people in the next seats. But the acoustics was fantastic! And, in general, the concert was great. Some if the arrangements were stunning, like Sergels Torg backed up with an organ. Cool. Or the finishing number Jag kommer where the (otherwise kind of passive) audience actually stood up. And of course Veronica was adorable.

E&T, this was a great idea, thanks for paying attention to these kinds of events, I would never go if it weren't for you pointing out the opportunities.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

dotifying a wall

The other day I had an inspiration and literary 25 minutes later I had transformed the kind of boring wall in our hallway into a wall that is now somewhat less boring. I have made the exact same thing (but with a regular pattern instead of random) in our bedroom, but I never really felt that the impact of the dots where enough there. Plus I'm thinking of doing something new there, another story...

Anyway, I had these vinyl dots already cut our from the last project (find where I bought them here) so this was pretty much just me putting up stickers on a wall for 25 minutes. I think that the dot-wall now contrasts nicely with the fancy mirror and adds the right amount of humor to this space. Fun fun!


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How is it that I don't own one of these already!?!

Seriously, check this out.  Video Chat And Dispense Treats To Your Pets Remotely This is what I have been talking about all those times! I honestly sometimes catch myself reaching for the phone to call or text my cats... They don't have phones!!! This gadget would be my new best friend! After the cats, of course...

How to store bags?

This isn't a "this-is-how-you-should-do-it-post: this is a honest question post. I can not be the only one to always have bags lying around in the hallway, unpacked or packed, gym-bags or handbags, just cluttering our already tiny space and making an obstacle course out of the floor. Plus they become attacked by the cats on a regular basis, so you don't want to forget something you don't want to see shredded on there. Anyone got any good ideas how to effectively but accessibly store bags, big and small? That you use a lot? Right now the majority of our bags hide in or behind the closet (!) or are hanging on the kitchen door... As long as the door is open the stuff that hangs behind it isn't a problem, and in my mind most of them are kind of pretty to look at, but I still want to find a better solution...

Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday 20th of January

Top three things of this Monday:

1. It's my mothers birthday! Hooray!! Grattis mamma! 

2. Having a new morning TV-show to watch in DVD while eating breakfast - New Girl 2 - and the episodes are so short I have time to watch two if them before going to work

3. Planning my vacation for this year and realizing that there's several nice trips coming up in the coming months 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

47 ronin - go see it, I did

On Friday me and A went to the movies. Nothing really unusual about that, we go at least 1-2 times a month, but this time I thoroughly enjoyed the film! Well, honestly, that's not very unusual either, but anyway. We saw 47 ronin, a film about 46 Samurai that lost their lord and one "half-breed"  outcast servant who all decides that revenge and death are way better than staying alive. Anyway, this movie is full of magic, stunning landscapes and beautiful people. And honor. Keanu Reeves makes a good "half-breed", Hiroyuki Sanada was awesome as Oishi and I loved the beautiful Kou Shibasak as Mika. I'm probably buying this on DVD to relive the magic at home without that super annoying kid next to me in the theater that were more interested in his Facebook than the film.

Good start

A couple of grainy pictures of my Sunday morning. I woke up around nine because the cats were tired of not getting any attention. I rely on them waking me up on weekends, I don't like to sleep too late in the day, especially on a day like this when I have so many things to do. Only unimportant and small things, but still. I have a fully booked week ahead of me and I want to be as prepared as I can, therefor I plan to spend this day cleaning, cooking and taking care of myself, since I know I won't feel like doing any of that during the upcoming week. And all of those thing can be, if not fun, but at least pleasant, when you have time for them. 

Lighting a fire is such a good way of starting rhe day: it makes any gray day a thousand times more cozy, you feel like you've accomplished something, and you get immidiate results. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bag full of spring

It's really chilly and windy outside and after hanging out in Sandnes with T & E for the day I'm still cold even though I'm under a blanket in the couch. But I have a bag full of flowers, new exercise tights and a cardigan to warm me...

the boot shoot

I got a new pair of boots from my Dad for Christmas! Classic black Dock Martens. I had the opportunity to chose the shiny ones, but I figured the original ones might have better longevity. I was also going a bit back and forth on what size to get, I think I'm in between two sizes, but in the end I chose to go a bit large, to have room for a pair of thick socks. I'm going to wear these with skirts, dresses and jeans, and they will keep my feet warm and dry when I walk to work in the mornings.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Fancy Friday

Today I'm wearing a new dress, that I picked out for myself as a Christmas-gift from my grandparents. Tack så mycket farmor och farfar!

Dress: Trollied Dolly-dress from the shop Syvende-Himmel here in Stavanger. I'm calling it my twirly squirrel dress., and it's the perfect lenght, it's got the perfect fit and the perfect collar. Fancy Friday Fabulousness if I may say so myself. And I may, because this is my blog. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

cold, oh so cold

Tonight I met up with my beloved A to take a swim in the outdoor pool "Gamlingen" (the old one) here in Stavanger. As an ex-swimmer, A goes here three times a week, and I've decided to join him once a week. Tonight it was cooooold. The water is of course heated, but even so, it didn't feel heated enough! And the 10 meter walk from the changing room to the poolside was way, way longer then I remembered...

But, as I expected, it felt very nice once we were done, and walking home.