Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cricket explores

Our two fur-babies are indoor cats. They love looking out of the windows and always pay attention if something happens in the street, but they have never really showed any interest in going outside, something I'm happy about since a future relocation will be easier if we don't have to retrain them into what ever situation we'll be in then... but these past weeks when I've been spending so much time in the garden I've noticed that both of them likes to hang out close to the door when I'm out there. So we decided to have a go with the harness and leash, to see if it might be possible to have them outside but still within our watchful eyes.

Putting on the harness was easy peasy since our cats are the kindest ever, and Cricket didn't even seem to care so much about it or the leash. After getting used to wearing it for a while we opened the door to the backyard...

This is how far Cricket came...

She was out for about two minutes, just standing at the door, and then she returned back to the safety inside. 

Hugo on the other hand...

...didn't want to move at all while wearing the harness. he just stopped moving. Completely.

We'll probably try this again to see if this is something they might get used to. It would be lovely to be able to take them with me outside!

Saturday, 26 April 2014


I've been a bad blogger these past few days, and my excuse is simply the beautiful weather we've had, making it impossible to sit inside in front of the computer. I plan to improve soon though,  I have a couple of posts planned... Until then I leave you with these iPhone photos from when I visited K at her job as a guide at Breidablikk this weekend. It was great being a tourist in my own town for once!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

neon, prints and a new pair of shoes

Unpacking my spring wardrobe has definitely made it more fun to get dressed in the morning again. I'd forgot I had so many colorful things! I've packed away most of my grey and black clothes, so now it's all about colors. And prints. Ans animal-jewelry. And my new sandals from Asos. I can't decide if they make me feel more like a 75 year old or a 5 year old while wearing them, but I'm fine either way. I loved them.


top: h&m, skirt : vintage, shoes: Asos, Necklace: gift from A's mom


cardigan: Saint Tropez, Skirt: COS, bracelet: gift from L: hare-necklace: vintage

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

recently read

So, I just finished reading this book: Left hand of God, by Paul Hoffman. It's been a while since I read a fantasy book in pre-industrial setting, and it made me remember how much I like it. This is a book filled with religious fanatics, sword-fights and overall cruelty, but I thought it was pretty good. It had some interesting twists and it was exciting. On the downside was that I didn't really get genuinely invested in the characters and sometimes the language was a bit confusing, but that might just be me.

And, you know what's funny? Now when I was googling (or wikipedia-ing, actually)  to see what the next book in the series is called, I recognized the name and realized that I already had in on my book-shelf... handy!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Garden details - April

I can't say I'm not impatient for even more plants to grow and bloom, but there's actually a lot of things happening in the garden already! Here are some greens, blues and purples from today

Sunday, 20 April 2014

OOTD Easter Edition

Today I realized I've spent the whole Easter holiday in sweats, without meeting another human-being face to face for four days in a row... So I put on my most Easter-y outfit, took a walk to the harbor and had an ice cream in the sun.

Easter outfit: Yellow skirt from COS. Bunny-blouse from Pimkie and I'm holding an Easter-lily. And no tights, it was that warm! For a while...

I also did my hair. Best and easiest do ever.

Garden garland

Remember that i complained in this post how one of the corners in my garden looked so bare? Well now I've done something about it!

The first and easiest part was to just move the big pot with daffodils here. It didn't really fit in its old corner anyway, since I planted a tree there, so that was all good. And the blue and yellow matches the door of the shed and the pansies so nicely..

Secondly I made a simple pennant garland. I've saved this brightly patterned oilcloth for some outdoor-project for years now, and I still have plenty left. I'm thinking I'll at least make a tablecloth, but maybe something else too. Anyway, I made the garland by cutting out triangles, folding them over a piece of string and then sewing one seam. Simple! They flap around in the wind making little happy noises, so they add something both for the eyes and the ears. And that corner isn't so bare anymore! Mission accomplished.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


today's nails!

Friday, 18 April 2014

my first DIY-dress project

OK, so that heading is actually a lie. I did try to sew a dress in fifth grade, but I never finished it... I still have it somewhere, actually.. I didn't really like the sewing classes we had in school ( except for when we got to make rag rugs - that was fun!) everything had to be done so carefully and well planned, with patterns and stuff... Honestly I'm still not very much for the planning part of sewing, if you don't count that I think about it a lot. It's the preparation part I usually just skip. You know, measuring and such. Which usually isn't really a problem because so far my only venture in to sewing have been mending things, altering stuff and shorting curtains. Let's just say the scissors and straight seam is my friend, but I prefer my textile project being no-sew. Until now...

 I've been wanting to make a dress for myself for a while, plus I've been wanting to learn how to sew in a zipper, so I decided to make a test-dress so I could learn a bit and figure out the easiest way. The goal wasn't the perfect dress, but to learn a bit, and maybe come up with a plan for my next dress, the real thing (see how I already try to lower your expectation of the finished result?) Luckily I hoard fabric and other materials just in case I want to get creative, so I actually had both fabric and a zipper. I used an old curtain I bought on sale years ago because I thought the colors where so fun and happy.

I didn't have a pattern, so I used one of my dresses to get the shape and then pretty much just sew the back and front piece together.

Just to give an example pf how little planning went into this project... I didn't decide until after I actually had sewn the two pieces together on how or where i was going to attach the zipper... But I did! And now, after some googling, I know how! The result wasn't in any way perfect, but next time...

One of the hardest part of making this dress was actually keeping the cats away from the project. I had to shut them out of the room for most of the time, they are just too nosy and I'm too scared they will eat needles. 

After I had the whole dress in one piece I tried it on and yes, it fit. Not perfectly, but OK, I still feel pretty proud I have actually created a garment that I can wear, maybe not to work or so, but you know, in the garden? And I did all this in one day, I only hurt myself once and I only managed to sew two pieces that didn't belong together once too. 

In the end I added pockets and a little belt as well, just to break the pattern up up a bit. I still look like I should work at a carnival, but I'm fine with that. Next time I'll do the skirt part in another way, just to get a better shape, and I'll make the armholes and neckline bigger/deeper, so lessons learned. And now I can check that off my list.

Oh, by the way, if you're interested in dress-making check out this blog. Anna Neah is amazingly talented!

Copenhagen: Exhibitions and Museums

This past weekend we got pretty busy visiting a bunch of museums and exhibitions. here's a short summary of what I liked the most!

The Collection of (mostly) Islamic art at Davids Samiling was very extensive, and very hard to photograph, due to the lighting in there. This place is huge, the house itself beautiful, and definitely worth a visit!

At Dansk designmuseum we saw this extensive (and awesome!!!) exhibition with furniture from danish designer Hans J Wegener. I run across his designs all the time at work, but this is the first time I really comprehended how many fabulous chairs (and other pices of furniture) he's responsible for. this is heaven for a Scandinavian retro fan like me...

Our visit to Arken was planned long before this weekend but we hadn't really checked what exhibitions were going to be. We were pleasantly surpiced to see some of Damien Hirst artwork on display. I'm not a huge fan (killing animals for the sake of art, eeee no, thank you) but it was interesting to have seen. 

Then I was way more happy to see another of Arkens current exhibition: the artwork and - above all - the architectural models of Austrian artist and eco-activist Hundterwasser. So inspiring!

This colorful piece by Freddie A Lerche occupied a whole room. Cool.

And I really liked the Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei.

And there I am, reflecting.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hugo and his peculiarities

He falls asleep on remotes. 
He barks at birds through the window.
He hides under the bed if we vacuum or if he sees us carry big bags.
He likes to sleep on his back, with his mouth slightly open.
He plays football with his food.
He scratches on doors. When they are open.

houses for my feet

Spring is here and I have officially exchanged my wardrobe from winter to spring. And while doing so I purged my shoe-collection a bit and also bought a couple of new ones... I realized I needed a pair of comfortable shoes to wear to work and ended up buying these from Asos. They are just a little bit warm, but comfortable and pretty with their graphic print. I think we will see many happy spring-days together.

And, did you know: spring means run! in Swedish, isn't that very suitable?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Holliday

Starting tomorrow I have 5 (yes five!) whole days off from work. This Easter my beloved A will go away on a cross-country ski trip with some friends and even though I'm going to miss him I'm happy he's going to spend some time doing what he likes. And that means that I can spend these five day doing exactly what I want, too! The only risk is that I'll start feeling lonely and just hang out in the couch all Easter, so I made this list, as an inspiration:

Want-to-do list for Easter 2014
  • Do some sewing, mainly mending and altering but I also want to learn how to change a zipper and I want to have a go at sewing a dress...
  • Watch these two movies: The Great Gatsby, and the intouchables
  • Lounge around in the garden and watch things grow, maybe plant something, have a glass of wine on the bench
  • Treat myself to a "home-spa", face-mask, pedicure, the whole shebang 
  • Paint the shelf I've thrifted for the garden and maybe even mount it
  • Sort some photos and blog about all the nice things things I do
  • Paint my nails in funny patterns
  • Play around with some of my new clothes and see if I can put together some inspiring outfits for spring
  • Start on at least two paintings, one portrait and one abstract, both things I want to learn more about 
  • Sleep late and stay up late
  • Go our running, and do some at home yoga.
  • Kiss, cuddle and play with the cats
  • Cook some good food and maybe bake something!

Simple, yet perfect

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

OOTD - spring flower

Today was sunny, but still very cold, so hat, scarves and gloves were a must. I did spend some time in the garden after work though, and realized that this corner looks very bare... Need to think of something to put here...

Dress: MQ (gift from Mom)
Cardigan and hat: H&M
Shoes: Converse (gift from M)
Scarf and tights: no idea...
House: our garden-shed, super cute