Thursday, 29 May 2014

summer day

Today we had the day off from work and I took my new bike out for a spin for the first time. Me and E packed our handlebar baskets with lunch and books and went to Godalen to enjoy the sun. I can see myself doing this more this summer...

#tbt cuteness

This was just a little bit more than a year ago...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Things I have opinions about

I rarely write about my political views or my beliefs in general here on the blog. Mostly because I don't think I would be very good at it but also because I want to focus on light-hearted things that makes me happy here. Simple as that. But that doesn't mean that I don't have opinions or that I am afraid of expressing them. So, just to be clear, here's some of the things I believe in or think is important:

  • I am a feminist. That means I think men and women should be treated equally in all situations. 
  • I don't mind paying taxes
  • I don't care what color your skin has or what language you speak, it's how you act - not where you were born that matters to me
  • Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and transsexual people should have the same rights and no one should have to be afraid to be open about their orientation 
  • I am an atheist. But I believe in everyone's right to believe in whatever they like
  • I don't mind drinking alcohol but I don't like getting drunk
  • Hitting children should be illegal everywhere
  • Guns kill people. People shouldn't have guns. Period. 
  • I think we should work harder for a more healthy environment
  • I don't like animal-testing and think animal rights are an important issue. But I am not a vegetarian. Yet.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

World record

Today I tagged along with my friend T when she took her Nissan Leaf and joined 398 other electrical vehicles in a convoi between Klepp and Bryne. That ride beat the previous record of 305 vehicles set in Switzerland. Cool! I like electrical cars... Soooo quiet, and good for the environment!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Lazy saturday numbers

Numbers of beer I drank while reading in the sun today: 1

Numbers of times me and Hugo fell asleep on the couch today: 2 

Numbers of episoders of Alpha I've watched today: 3

Numbers of loads of laundry I've done today: 4

Friday, 23 May 2014

More cats, s'il vous plaît.

There hasn't been even close to enough cat-pictures here on the blog lately. To remedy that: here's Hugo in January last year and him yesterday chillaxing on our bed with a book. The same book... can believe I haven't finished that one yet... Han I can't believe how small he was! I used to call him Huge-o because he was so small, but now he actually is pretty huge. 


I just had to look at the date down in the right corner of the screen to check what year it is...

Thursday, 22 May 2014

#tbt: listening to music, then and now

I started listening to music for real when I was about thirteen. Obviously I listened to music before that, but this was when I started buying CD's myself and finding out what I really liked. What music you listened to was such a statement then. I had a bunch of friends who were so much more informed than me and they of course influenced me a lot. Among them British or Swedish indie-pop ruled back then, and punk-rock, surf-rock or Metallica when I hung out with my guy-friends. Listening to Spice Girls or Brittney Spears was a sin. The bands should write and perform all of their songs themselves, that was terribly important. I actually also sang in a band for a very short period - quite badly I guess - but that's a story for another day. Let's just say we only had one gig were we performed one song that my friend had written and one Oasis song. At home I had all the albums of my favorite band (Kent) and listened to them all the time and I dreamed about going to festivals.

I've never been to a festival. As I grew a bit older I also got a lot more comfortable. Too comfortale to go live in a tent at a festival, but also comfortable with my own taste. My strong opinions about music have weakened quite a bit and I have broadened my horizons. I now listen to French pop from the 60s, Johnny Cash, Lady Gaga, muisc to dance Lindy Hop to, Lana del Rey, Aviciii, Linnea Henriksson, Queen, Paloma Faith, Foo Fighters, Rammstein, Antony & the Johnsons, Daft Punk, Metallica and much more. But there's one think I still do, exactly like when I was 13 - if i find a new song I like - I'll put it on repeat for hours!

 Me at Slottskogsvallen in Gothenrig 2008, listening to my all time favorite band - Kent.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wednesday sushi

My friend E's sister J works at a newely opened sushi restaurant here in stavanger. It's called Alex Sushi and tonight a group of us tried it! J got us a table by the bar/sushi preparation station and it was great to see the food being made. I don't actually like sushi ( it's because of the texture, taste and raw fishiness...) but I ordered a tempura salad and was very happy. Spicy deep fried prawns, avocado and asaparagus. Lovely. The sushi-eaters in the company seemed really happy too, so I think it's safe to say that I recommend this place. Aside from beautiful and fresh food the interior was nice and they had some fantastic artwork on the walls - that's always a big plus for me. And the service was great too!

My favorite song + video this week

Sia and her "Chandelier" have been playin on repeat in my headphones this week. And the video is just stunning.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I got myself a gift

Remember how I have complained about not finding a bike to buy? Well now I did! I spotted it with A and my dad two weeks ago, but wanted to think about it... but today I got a lift to the store from my colleague and bought it! Woohoo! But then I had to transport it home... And since it's not yet put together to a functioning means of transport I couldn't just ride it home. So I took it on the bus, and then carried the package home from the bus station, far far away from our house... And as soon as I regain the feeling of my fingers and can lift my arms again I will have a go at putting it together!

Update: hell yeah!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Birthday on Facebook

So I don't use Facebook very often. I don't really like it. Mostly to keep track on invites to parties and such, chat a bit with my friend A and occasionally send a mail to a friend far away. But on one day every year I love Facebook, and that's on my birthday! Because, come on, who doesn't like to get that simple yet warming attention that a "Happy Birthday" from someone you didn't even think remembered who you are gives? I know it's really, really easy to just see that "XXX has a Birthday today, write something on their page" or whatever it says and then type a few letters, and that it doesn't mean all that much, but still. It's easy, but it would have been even easier to not write... I feel all warm inside, and maybe even more so from the messages from the least likely people. It's simple, but it still sweet, and I appreciate it!

17th of May, Happy Norway Day

This has been a weekend full of parties! First i celebrated my birthday on Friday, then I participated in two different celebrations of the Norwegian National Day on Saturday. It started with a champagne breakfast at E's place and then we had a barbecue at T's house. As you might have guessed, I was so tired at seven in the evening I went home and slept...

Anyway, here's some pictures from that day, including my wardrobe-change (from presidents-wife to Norwegian party person).

Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: don't remember...

Once again, we had E to thank for the amazing food...

Two out of these three people are Norwegian, the other one is French - guess who!

Dress: thrifted, Gardigan: Saint Tropez, shoes: Modcloth

It's my birthday

Today I'm turning 31! Feels like it can be a pretty good year. I started celebrating early, on Friday actually, when I invited some of my friends over for a barbecue. It was a great evening with good food, the friendliest people, lots of candy and more gifts than I deserve. Plus lovely weather and a super fabulous cake, courtesy of the talented E. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

walking the dog

I join E on her walks with Nemo quite often, but yesterday was a bit special since we took a really long walk seeing  parts of Stavanger that I haven't seen before. And the weather was lovely, but cold... Dog walking in the spring, might be the best kind of exercise...

Dog portrait


Here: Nemo tries to kill me by pushing me from a cliff...