Tuesday, 24 June 2014

the white dress

Here's another vintage dress that I found at Epla, this time at Maridekko. This one is also a bit too long, so I might cut off 10-15 cm... But it's light and airy and will look great with a cardigan in colder seasons.

And just another thing... I love buying things from these small, one-person web-shops! Almost always there's a personal note in there, thanking for your purchase, and some people wrap the clothes up in pretty wrapping. It's like getting a gift. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

hait syödä vain mustikoita

This has been the weekend of small scaled midsummer celebrations, mouth fountains, Finnish sharks and five course brunches, in the great company of T&E and A. Me and A spent the whole of Saturday watching TV series, and I ended up ticking all of my fangirl boxes, by watching one episode of Misfits, one of Doctor Who,  two of Supernatural and all three episodes of Sherlock season 3 - plus the first Hobbit movie - in ONE day. Good stuff...

Here's some pictures from our brunch today - or "linner" since it started pretty late. For those reading this that live in Stavanger - I can definitely recommend the roof terrace at Tango. Food was delicious, wine was splendid and service was perfect. Plus the view was pretty good too...

Friday, 20 June 2014

the red dress

Another vintage find from Epla showed up in my mailbox a few day ago, this time from the shop Memento Mori. Even though I mostly wear clothes in the blue-green color scale, I felt that this red piece would brighten things up a bit. The fit was pretty good, though I will shorten it a bit. This is often the case with skirts and dresses for me, slightly vertically challenged as I am. I like them below the knee, but not mid calf.

The white rose pattern looks like embroidery from a distance but it's just a print. Cute, though!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

#tbt - blogging before the blog

I've always documented my life, one way or the other. I've written a diary more or less continuously since I was seven and I've spent lots of time putting together ambitious photo-albums. So I guess that this blog was a natural continuation! Yesterday I browsed through some of my diaries from when I studied at Chalmers in Gothenburg, 2002-2007. Back then my life was full of thoughts about the future, how it would be to work as an architect, worries about school-projects, but also fun weekend plans with A and my friends. I've written sown full accounts of dreams and nightmares I've had and made drawings of outfits and pack-lists for trips. My diaries are also filled with lists of books to read, what movies to see and what songs to add to my playlists. So, not very different from this place, I guess!

Sketches for some housing projects. From my second year, I think. I loved doodling layouts for apartments and small houses.

Stressing out about what would happen after my 4th year, and all the differnt possible scenarios. I ended moving to Germany for a year.

Doodles, some related to a student competition me and my friend M did. A tiny concert house I think it was.

easy-peasy dinner tip

One food item we always have in our fridge is salmon fillets. There's nothing easier to cook with! Even easier than chicken fillets, because they taste better on their own, in my opinion. Plus fish is good for you, Omega-3 and whatnot. Anyway. If we don't know what to have for dinner we often end up eating salmon, in one variation or the other. Pesto-salmon, Feta-cheese and bell-pepper salmon, plain salmon with lemon-pepper... This time I mashed some feta-cheese cubes with the oil they came in and put on top. Served with rise and a cold sauce made of yogurt and sweet-chili sauce. Prep time, 2 minutes (sauce included), oven-time 20 minutes. Served with rice. Done, and yum.

It tastes even better if you follow this up with the Swedish classic dessert Marräng Swiss - vanilla ice cream, banana, meringue and chocolate-sauce. Also incredibly easy. Just do it.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The blue dress

The results of my Etsy/Epla shopping spree last week has already started showing up in my mailbox! This beauty from the shop Oh la la, fitted me well, I'm just going to adjust it a bit under the armholes and it will be perfect... I love the bright blue color and the voluminous skirt! I might actually wear this to a wedding I'm going to next weekend in the Netherlands...

The garden-mirror is getting dirty, but at least this picture shows the pattern better. This collar will look great with a cardigan too, so I might get some wear out of this dress even in colder seasons.

Surprisingly exciting

Australia vs Nederland

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tuesday Tunes. You are welcome...

My new addiction, Misfits also led me to discover this. Yes. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Back injury = internet shopping

I hurt my back again. I just want to start by saying that this happened last year too, and I hope it is not going to be a yearly tradition. It's not as bad this time, but my back is stiff and painful and tomorrow I will go on my third visit to the chiropractic in five days. Expensive and annoying. And even though the chiropractor recommends I move as much as possible I also end up lying down a lot, since sitting up is uncomfortable. And this in turn has led to me surfing on my phone and ending up shopping vintage clothes on Etsy and Epla (Norwegian version sf Etsy). Now I am eagerly waiting for things to show up in my mail box...

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A little piece of polyester heaven...

A pant suit. Who doesn't want a baby blue, flower-patterned, sleeve-less pant suit? In polyester? I kind of regret I didn't buy this set that I tried on at charity shop Kia the other weekend. I just couldn't motivate it, since I couldn't find a single situation where I would wear it, and I definitely don't need another hard worn garment in my wardrobe. I do tend to pick up pieces because they look unique and fun, and then end up never wearing them... The matching set and the double buttoning made me think of a uniform, maybe a nurse outfit or some fancy air hostess from the 70s. I could have bought the top and wear as some kind of tunic/dress but I didn't want to break up such a lovely set... Just another proof that if you want to find something no one else have, you should go to a second hand store.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Random photos from the garden

All of a sudden things are just popping up and growing like crazy in the garden! After being so impatient all of spring, now I kind of want it to slow down so I can enjoy it...

I've had some real problems with aphids on all of my roses this year, plus on some of my other plants, the black currant especially. I don't remember them being this many last year, maybe it's the warm spring? Anyway, I started "treating" the issue (i.e killing those green little vexations) with soap water, but that hasn't worked very well. I've now resorted to a spray bought from a garden-center, but I'd rather find a natural poison for them. E suggested water mixed with chili, so I think I might try that next... I'll keep you updated...

Thursday, 12 June 2014

TV is also a hobby

So, I've just discovered another awesome British TV-series. I might have mentioned my love for Doctor Who before, and this weekend Netflix kindly suggested Misfits for me ( after I'd watched the full new season of OITNB in three days). Now I'm in the middle of the second season and I'm hooked. Unfortunately some ill advised googling/pinteresting/imdbing have made me realize that I might not like season 3-5 as much. But we'll see.

Also, I'm starting to feel some serious Buffy withdrawal, but I think I need to save re-watching this (my favorite series of all times) until later this year. Buffy is such a fall series. Anyway, I still need to catch up on Supernatural season 9 and I need to re-see season 1-3 of Sherlock pretty soon. Let's just say that if I find something I like I have no problem what so ever with watching/reading/listening to it over and over again. Quality can handle repetition!

Nail Fail

Right now, and actually all since before Christmas,the quality of my nails have been really bad. They are paper thin and flake like a bad sunburn. I don't know why, and it's really annoying because it hurts and it's ugly. If I happen to bang the top of my finger into something - ever so lightly - they break. And once they start flaking I start picking at them, of course... I've even started eating B-vitamins to see if that helps.

The only other thing I can do is to keep painting my nails so they look pretty, and to strengthen them... These cat-claws turned out kind of pretty, I think!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

OOTD favorite from last week

Last week I bought this superb rose-sweater at the Monki-sale. I've been thinking about buying something like this for a while now, and though it doesn't seem like a very summery piece I've already gotten some use out of it. Combined with these trousers and a chambray shirt it's perfectly comfortable for a slightly rainy summer day.

These trousers are a bit unusual for me. Being beige and on top of that loose fitting... eeeh. I usually have issues with combining trousers of a lighter color with a dark top, but I think the light parts of the pattern and  my new pretty shoes (a bargain from a shop in Bryne that I don't remember the name of) ties it all together. I notice that I'm wearing trousers more often during spring and summer than in winter actually. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I like shorter pants, but I don't like how short pants look with winter shoes.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

T and I, this weekend

We've just  had an extra long weekend, with a bank holiday on Monday, so now I feel well rested... I didn't have any plans what so ever for the whole three days (except cleaning the kitchen...) so I've just taken every day just as it came, waiting to see what how they would turn out. And as all of them came with absolutely fabulous weather, I wasn't disappointed. Both on Friday and Saturday night I ended up with T on an out-door café, fro a beer/glass of wine. We also had time to play games, eat burgers on the quay and stare at sail boats. I didn't bring my camera for these impromptu evening of fun, but who need a camera when you have an iPhone that takes crappy but real photos.

One pair of crazy eyes and one pair of shades at Dickens, down by the harbor

T with the dragon at Bøker & Børst, one of our favorite places in town

"nattamat" Nom nom

one of the perks...

... with living in Stavanger, or at least the part where I live, is that it's really, really close to the sea. And I didn't even take a single swim in it last year! I just didn't get around to it... but with the summer we're having so far this year, I hope to improve on my statistics. Because, now that I have my new, lovely red bike, going to the closest bathing place takes only 10 minutes, tops.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

new on the wall

On one of the walls in our living room is my collection of art and illustrations I've found online. Here are some of my favorite bloggers/ illustrators represented: the King made by Karin, a fairy tale tree made by Malin and Carl the teen-wolf by Sammy Rose. Now I have another print to add to the collection - Kärsbör - also made by Karin of Karins Konstgrepp. I bought it for Christmas but just now found a spot for it. It hangs on the wall that is the first thing you see when you come up the stairs, and puts a smile on my face every time I see it. It's simple and brilliant.