Monday, 29 December 2014

end-of-year PURGE!

I get so inspired by the feeling of new beginnings that comes with the new year - however cheesy it might sound, and as a part of that I have decided to have a go at de-cluttering our house and getting rid of (throw away and/or give away) a bunch of stuff that we don't need. We live in a small house with very limited storage space and after a week of Christmas celebrations and a bit of shopping in Sweden doing this seems like an even better idea... we have to replace stuff, not add. Simplyfing, if you will. My goal is to get rid of 50 items in this week before next Monday, but I haven't even started yet, so we'll see. I'll let you know!

I will let myself be inspired by this post, there are some pretty good ideas there. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Movie-night Monday

Safety not guarantieed. Watch it. Made my night. Cricket loved it too. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

A picture of me taken by someone else #5 in Emily's Advent Calendar

Number 5 in Emily Dahl's Advent Calendar was pretty easy - this is the first picture that came to mind. It was taken on an outing I did with my brother M and his partner S to a mansion outside of Stockholm in late September. S took this picture of me while I was taking a picture of M, wearing M's cap and holding a roll of wallpaper I found earlier on a flee market. It was a slow day, we felt the last of summer in the air and things were generally good.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A picture of someone I've loved this year #3 in Emily Dahl's Advent Calendar

So, I'm joining in on Emily's Advent Calendar this year! She is one of my favorite Swedish bloggers, and every year for four years or so she has challenged her readers - and herself - to post a picture on a set theme each day for the whole of December. She sets the headline, we follow her lead. This years theme is "the past year", and I've decided to try and join as much as I can, partly because I think it's a nice way of summing up 2014, but also because I really, really need some inspiration to start blogging again. 8 posts in total in November, oh the shame!

So, without further ado - I'm jumping in on day number 3 with this sweet portrait of A and Cricket, just chillin' and watching out over the garden. Cricket can't reach this window, but has started to be very interested in the view from there, so every now and then we have to pick her up so she can have a look-see. And the Amazing A obliges. I've loved him this year just as much as the other 13 years I've known him.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What not to wear...

So I noticed this on Facebook the other day: 20 Things Women sholdn't wear past age 30, and it just made me so tired... and annoyed, obviously. Because yes, there are things on that list I wouldn't wear, but not because I'm over thirty, and not because someone else had told me not to. This is just another stupid example of the "rules" women should follow, to be accepted as classy or beautiful or something else equally important. How helpful! Screw it. I'm going to wear hoop-earrings and cheep bras and old sneakers until I don't feel like it any more.

I should never log in to Facebook, mostly it just makes me mad. 

Tuesday Tunes, German edition

When I lived in Germany back in 2007, I first didn't speak any German what so ever. I spent some time learning in the traditional way at the Go√ęthe Institut, but I found it more effective just spending time with people, watching very basic tv-shows (Das perfekte Promi-Dinner, mostly) and listening to music. One of the more helpful bands where Rammstein, since Till is very good at articulating the lyrics... Now they are on Spotify and I became all nostalgic!


Other favorites back then were Mia, Xavier Naidoo, Seeed, and Sportfreunde Stiller, if you need some more inspiration for German classes...