Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dancing in Stuttgart

Last weekend me and my dance instructor/friend S went to Stuttgart to take part in a lindy hop workshop. We ended up doing a lot of other stuff as well as dancing and it was all really great. I haven't been to Stuttgart before, but being in Germany definetly took me back 8 years to when we used to live in Dresden. Good times. Anyway, our host - lindy hop and yoga teacher A - took really good care of us and treated us like royalty. We had a full schedule and got to experience a lot of what Stuttgart had to offer. Plus dance, do yoga and go to a Mineral Bath. Although I avoided the naked sauna. I don't understand that phenomenon.

Monday, 9 November 2015


Hello November! I think I will remember you as an exiting month. For big and smaller reasons. If September was the Roller Derby month, and October was the back pain month, I'm hoping November will be the Lindy hop month. I have several dance events coming up, among others one I Stuttgart and I'm just hoping my back can handle it all. I'm taking a break from roller derby recommended from my new chiropractor, but I'm hoping to be able to start training again in a few weeks. 

Looking back on October I mostly remember the visit from A's brother with family, and hanging out with the cats in the couch. Because I've been doing that a lot. 

October on my Instagram

Sunday, 8 November 2015

another weekend...

Here's a few tidbits from my weekend seen through my phone! On Friday I took  the Amazing A with me to watch a dance show my two dance teachers were in. There was a lot of waiting and some not so great performances but my two friends were great as usual. Afterwards we went out for beer and pool! Very high school. I wore my pretty mustard 60s dress. Good times.

Yesterday me and A went hiking with our friend O and his dog Margo, up Lifjellet. It was pretty tough... the guys kept a pretty fast pace and it was very steep sometimes. But worth it.

After that A and I had a datenight with dinner and a movie. We saw the new James Bond movie and it was OK. Not awesome. *roger moore for life*

Today has been a lazy day with some cleaning and a nice walk with my gal pal T. Well needed. And that was that weekend!

Monday, 2 November 2015

This weekend

Things I didn't do this weekend that I had planned to do:

  • Change bed linen
  • Iron clothes
  • Vacuum

Things I did do this weekend that I hadn't planned:

  • Watch the rugby finals and drink beer at the Irishman
  • Watch 4 Harry Potter movies in a row

Thursday, 29 October 2015

#tbt that Halloween when I was Edward Scissorhands

Still my best Halloween costume ever. Halloween 2011.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

my latest vintage find

I complain a lot about the difficulty of finding vintage clothes in Stavanger. There isn't really a lot of options, and to be honest, I have pretty much given up. I find my style going more and more towards simple, less girly looks these days , so I guess I haven't bothered looking that hard lately anyway. But then i found this little treasure, at Fretex! Fretex is the equivalent of the Salvation Army shops we have in Sweden, Myrornas, and it's pretty hard to find anything really old there, it's mostly just second hand stuff from chains. But as I was browsing around in there two weeks back I saw the fabric of this dress peeking out between stripes and plaid and fell head over heals. Lucky me, it was even in my size, a perfect fit! I first guessed it was a 50's dress because of the hand painted flowers, but after reading this blog post over at Elsa's blog, I'm leaning more towards early 60's, based on color scheme and the shape of the skirt.

I felt a bit First Lady-like in this dress, which is a bit humorous if you know my boyfriends last name... I even think my hair even wanted to play along for a change, yay! The photos turned put a bit blurry and red due to, you know, the indoor light situation after 4 in this part of the world... And my lack of energy to work in them. But anyway.


When we had visitors last weekend we cleaned the house. As you do. Or as most people do, no judging. I snapped a few iphone-pictures of the bedroom to create an illusion that this is how tidy it always looks. And to remind me how tidy it can look, I guess... 

We bought a new bedspread when we were in Portugal earlier this fall. Bedspreads are my nemesis(es?): I have bought a bunch of them over the past few years but have never been fully happy. This one makes me happy, though! It doesn't cover the whole bed, but I don't think that matters so much, I rather have this look than too much overhang. The one I had before touch the floor in all sides and that created a really messy feeling even on those rare occasions when I actually make the bed. 

I got that stuffed disillusioned guy as a gift from my dad. A couple of years ago. On Monday mornings it functions as my mirror.

I'm sure happy little cat-claws will be a challenge for this striped little darling, but oh well, so far no major damages! *crossing fingers*

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Here's a couple of photos that I snapped today at the office. The light shining at such a low angle really created some pretty fly effects... 

Mindfulness? Ain't nobody got time for that

I removed the Facebook app from my phone this week. And downloaded a couple of meditation apps instead. Turns out they sucked and the whole point was to spend less time on my phone anyway, so they got deleted. Thing is I feel just a teeny bit to tied to my phone. I rely on it for pretty much everything and my first reflex when I am a bit bored, or just need a moments distraction is to pick it up. I know most people are like this these days and it's fine, I just feel like the phone is sucking energy out that I could have spent on more creative stuff, like painting or whatever.
I am not one of those who believe our surfing-habits decreases the amount of time we spend being social, I am honestly more social now then I've been for years and that has in many ways to do with how low the threshold is when it comes to contacting people via Messenger. But anyway. I want to cut back, just a bit. I'll let you know how that turns out. 

Pin curlin' n' Victory rollin'

I looooove retro hairstyles. I wish I could walk around every single day looking like Ava Gardner or Rita Hayworth. Unfortunately I'm not very skilled when it comes to hair. But before going out on Friday night I had a go at some kind of victory rolls, using pin curls as a way of prepping my hair for the do. 

Step 1. pin curls in damp hair with some setting fluid. 
Step 2. loosening the cursl with fingers. 
Step 3. shaping hair into rolls and fastening with hair pins. 

This is the result, not half bad if I may say so myself! And I may. 

If buying glasses wasn't so horrendously expensive I would get myself a pair of retro ones to match this look. My hipster-wannabe-aviator specs are looking just a bit out of place here. 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Spoiler alert: in this post I'm going to whine

I'm in my fourth week of back pain now! It's getting so bad I haven't done any roller derby practice in three weeks, and I'm getting really grumpy by now. The muscles in my lower back feel like they are 10 cm too short. Getting up from bed in the morning is hard, I have to sit or lie down to put on socks and shoes and it's difficult to concentrate at work. I have to stand up at my desk because sitting down is a pain. This all generally sucks. Luckily I have very understanding coworkers and my clients don't mind if I have to stand up for a bit in a meeting. Plus we have a massage chair at work. Yay! And tomorrow I'm going to the chiropractor! Yay again!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

picture perfect Rogaland

We had visitors from Sweden this weekend and got crazy lucky with the weather. A couple of short road-trips around the area gave us these gems, among others.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Frequent flyer

I don't even remember how many times I've been on a plane this year. On average two take-offs and landings a month, maybe? In an environmental point of view this is rather horrible, and something I should try to minimize in the future. But. There's another aspect here as well. Six years ago I wouldn't  set my foot on a plane. The thought of spending time in an aircraft in the air made my hands sweaty, and I felt bad just looking at planes in the air from the ground. It had been like that for five years,  even though I flew quite frequently as I grew up, but I got more and more scared during my teenage years and in my early twenties it got worse until I completely stopped flying when I was 24. But I got over that. It took time, but I did and I'm proud of it. And I don't think it would have happen if I hadn't made all of these short flights within Scandinavia over the past few years. Slowly relaxing. At first I used to go up to the air-hosts/hostesses the first thing after we had reached cruising height to hang out and let them calm me down a bit, but after a while I didn't have to. Now I'm even able to sleep on planes!