Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hello again! I'm sitting in my living-room, in the dark (I just started surfing and suddenly the sun had gone down!) writing this blog-post on a tiny Samsung laptop not much bigger than my iPhone, and jeez, you'd think you'd be use to these pocket-sized devices by now but NO! This is super annoying! My shoulders hurt and my face is about a hands-breadth from the screen at all times! Yuck. Anyway. The reason I'm using this back-up computer is because our real one is broken, and for once I really felt like blogging!

For weeks now, honestly for most of this year, my time has been spent working, lindy hopping, roller derbying (I hope to soon have completed all of my minimum skills!) and watching Netflix. Most weekends have been busy too, with travelling, training, my mom visited and other stuff. I now finally have FIVE unplanned and work-free (plus travel free) days ahead of me - starting the day after tomorrow, and somehow it feels like this is a breaking point, that I wont be as stressed out after that, and suddenly I felt a bit inspired again... We'll see what happens after Easter (I have a few more adventures coming up) but to start with I'm going to enjoy this Holiday as much as I can. I'm going to spend a lot of time by myself, which I have looked forward to, and have "saved" a bunch of activities for just this occasion.
Here's my Easter to-do list!

  • Pack away my winter clothes and bring out my spring ones! (yes, I know it's still cold and grey, but I'm tired of the lack of colors in my winter wardrobe)
  • color my hair! I'm considering trying a home de-coloring product... hmmm
  • paint! It's been ages, and I plan to try out something abstract... that's superhard.
  • re-plant some potted plants and sow some seeds. I bought some cool ones on my resent trip to England with Dad (look out for a UK-post soon)
  • clean the backyard! I hope for sunny weather...
  • give myself a mani-pedi
  • cook! I've bought a bunch of my favorite food-stuffs and now I just want to indulge in red beets, halloumi, avocado and other treats
  • sleep

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Monday, 16 March 2015

arty weekend

My mom was visiting this weekend, and turns out she chose a good one to come, since the weather was awesome. We took long walks, visited two museums and one market and watched the Grand Budapest hotel. Good times.

at Rogalands Kunstmuseum we saw an exhibition with Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen that was pretty cool. Lovely, dreamy pencil-drawings with provocative and sometimes disturbing motives. Impressive and worth the long walk there!

Also, how nice isn't the color schemes of the walls in the permanent exhibition? Love the combination of bright colors, gold frames and norwegian landscapes from the 19th century!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Oh so very good

This is something you just have to see (and hear).

Gunhild Carling is a Swedish performer with so. much. skill! Not only does she play like 20 instruments,  now she interprets one of my old favorite songs by Swedish band Broder Daniel.

found via Polichinelle

Friday, 6 March 2015


Scrolled through my pinterest board where I collect my favorite people and found an interesting phenomenon: apparently all great dudes comes in sets of two!

Johnny Depp & Tim Burton

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Heath Ledger
Brad Pitt & Edwart Norton 
Iwan Rheon & Robert Sheehan 

Matt Smith & David Tennant
Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law

and so, to finish off in style - a trio

Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hullo March

First garden post of the year! Here's what's going out in our tiny garden/back yard right now.
There is hope...

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

#tbt when I was a teen

I found some old school photos of me when going through A's old wallet a while back (no, I wasn't snooping, I was borrowing his Oyster card.) This is me being, 16, 17, 18 and probably 24 or so. In a way I don't think I look that much different or younger, but I do feel like going back to blond again.

February seen from my phone

February wasn't a blog-month, apparently. I've done loads of things, but haven't brought my camera with me anywhere. In order to preserve this blogs original function - as my digital diary - I still want to summarize what I've been up to, through the lens of my iPhone, so I don't forget.

February started with me and A going to Bergen for a super short 
but kind of perfect weekend getaway

I went to London with my friends and ate some awesome and expensive food 
at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant

I started taking tap-lessons. 

I had a beer and my nails were dotted. 

I had a some intense Roller Derby practices,
 but my back doesn't want play nicely with me

These two were very cute. 

I got a valentines card from my BFF L back in Sweden. 
It made my day and I almost cried a little.

The flower in the bathroom was bright and happy

I went to Oslo for my first ever Lindy Hop event, Winter Jump
and got a fancy silver wrist-band

...and danced and danced

A sad looking cat was greeting you when you entered the from door

Dear E invited us for home made Swedish semla. Delish!

Lutunen and Söpö needed some looking after while T went skiing. I didn't mind. 
Look at those little faces!

and finally, my fringe is long enough to pin back. Need to refresh the color it though...

Oh, And i have also been watching Glee, the Walking dead and I've been listening to Game of Thrones as audio-book. I'm on book three now.