Monday, 20 July 2015

Working out at home:



Saturday, 18 July 2015


I'm posting this pic of my two "siblings" here at home in honor of my beloved big-brother who has his 35th birthday today! He's a really smart, stylish, silly and strong person and it's too bad we don't see each other more often.

Grattis, mon frère, vi ses snart! // Pölan

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Gold shoes. Just sayin'

When I first saw these shoes at my local Monki-shop I though "when would anyone ever wear those?!" Then I looked again. And again. Five minutes later they were mine. And now I'm thinking "when am I NOT going to wear these shoes?!" OK, to be true I haven't worn them yet, but they make me happy every time I see them in the hallway. And that's a good thing. 

Luckily someone already dedicated a song to golden shoes so I don't have to. 
Enjoy - it's in Swedish. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Rainy day project: foot-stool cover

We have this nice Lamino chair in our living room and I've been wanting to get a foot stool for it for years, but I haven't found an original. I've already made one DIY with this in mind but it didn't turn out great. I recently found this brown pouf at a garage sale and figured I could do something fun with it. I was thinking along the lines of sheep-skin.... I wanted something that would make it look more unified with the chair, but couldn't really figure out how... 

...Until I visited my mom a while back. She had kept some of the fabric that my dad used when he reupholstered the Lamino chair many years back. And luckily there was just the right amount of fabric for a pouf-cover - minus the top. But also luckily, I had already bought a small chair-cushion made of sheep-skin with this project in mind, so yesterday when inspiration suddenly struck I had all I needed at home!

It was a very simple project. Sew the fabric into a tube, turn it, sew the sheep-skin circle on to it - reverse side against reverse side, turn it back out - and done. There were actually only two complications,  the first was that I couldn't find my measure so I had to use a piece of string, and the second was to convince my sewing machine that yes, of course you can sew in sheep-skin and really thick fabric at the same time, don't be a pessimist!

And voilá! Here it is! Yes, the fabric on the chair is a bit worn but it looks so much better together than when the pouf was just miss-matched fake brown leather. And the sheep skin is much more cozy to have my feet on. Win and win. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Things I have liked this week, no 3

yeah, so the last post I made in this category was in January... so... anyway. Here are some things that have caught my eye on various social media this week.

more words here, from 9gag
So many of these words that I miss when trying to explain things in English!

At ther's a lot of cute, sad and inspiring stuff, all animal related. This is one of my favorites recently, yet another reason why it's hard not to like animals more than people. 

I know this is an old song but I just keep hearing it in my head (possibly because it's on my playlist and I'm wearing my headphones pretty much all. the. time.). The video makes me wat to wear face paint and go skateboarding. Witch I can't do.

vacation plans of 2015

Today was my last day of work before my vacation! 
Yay! Last year I made this really long list of things to do during my vacation, and reading it now I realize that I could pretty much copy/paste it for this year. There's so many of those things that I either didn't do then, or that stands to be repeated. But there's going to be one major difference this summer - I wont be home all that much, so I'm not going to have as much time to fill. For the first time in a very long time I'm going to spend almost 3 weeks away from home (I'm going to miss the cats SO much!). Me and A are going to Sweden to spend time with each other and with our families and friends. We usually go for a week-long trip somewhere warm, but this year we couldn't find something we felt like doing, so we're saving up for next year instead. Now I'm just hoping the weather will be OK while we're traveling around in our home-country... 

Then  there's that one thing that I'm doing after me and A have had our vacation together - I'm going for a week to Herräng Dance Camp, outside Stockholm! One week of Lindy Hop, not sleeping enough and hopefully meet a bunch of great new people. This is my first time, and I'm very excited... I'll get back to that. 

So, I hope to update once or twice during the upcoming weeks, but I can't promise too much. Wifi will be a luxury. 


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Just so I don't forget

Due to my blog-break there's a lot of things that I haven't eternalized by posting about them... And that's no way of keeping a diary! But, on the other hand, I find it kind of tedious to write about things that happened a long time ago, and it doesn't really feel all that current to go on and on about them. So here's a super condensed post about the top 7 things that happened this spring!

By the way, I know the photo quality suck, I'm looking in to a way to solve that problem...  problem solved! :)

In March Dad and I went to England to among other things visit Stonehenge and Oxford. It was nice to spend some time with dad plus we also got to see that solar eclipse that everyone was talking about!

In April I went went to Stockholm with my colleagues for an "inspiration-trip". My favourite parts were the exhibitions #digitalrevolution at Tekniska Museet and Earth Matters at Artipelag.

In April i succeeded in completing my roller derby minimum skills so I could join my team for the mini-tournament "The Challenge" in Oslo. There i played my first bouts in a team made of players from teams all over Norway. It was nervous, sometimes confusing and completely awesome. 

In the of May some of my dance friends including one of my instructors went to Hjelmeland Spa Hotel to swim in the pool (and the sea!), practice lindy hop, blues and yoga! There was also some hiking, burgers and tap dancing on the pier... best weekend in a long time...

I've also been to two weddings! A's old friend got married in Gothenburg the first weekend in May, and the Party was held at the World Culture Museum, very cool. From the church to the museum we got to ride the old cable car, also cool.

In May I had my 32nd birthday! I was thoroughly celebrated by my beloved A in the morning of, with loads of gifts and cake. In the evening I went out to an Italian restaurant with some of y best friends. It was a good day. Here's what my friends and family got me! Both they and the gifts are fabulous, I tell you.

In June we went to Nancy, France to be there when my friends C & K got married. We took the opportunity to first hang out a bit in Paris before taking the train to Nancy and exploring that city too! I've never been to Nancy, but I really liked it!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

I miss you!

My dear blog hasn't received any attention for over a two months now. I had actually started thinking about giving up on it - didn't really feel any inspiration - I would think about a post and then just not getting around to writing it. The accessibility of Instagram surely has had an effect too, I actually don't read as many blogs myself anymore but follow more people there. But. Then I needed to find a picture I knew I had posted half a year or so ago and started browsing through some of my old posts. And I miss this place! And, I remembered why I write here. This is my diary, and I've been keeping a diary for as long as I can remember, on and off. Especially in the summers these diaries have been filled with plans, dreams, drawings, lists and photos and I've always loved going back to read them. So I won't give up on this place just yet. Maybe I'll give it a bit of a make over, though. But first, just to celebrate the walk down memory lane that led me to this conlusion: here are three pictures of me, from today, one year ago and two years ago! Things change and time flies.