Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dancing in Stuttgart

Last weekend me and my dance instructor/friend S went to Stuttgart to take part in a lindy hop workshop. We ended up doing a lot of other stuff as well as dancing and it was all really great. I haven't been to Stuttgart before, but being in Germany definetly took me back 8 years to when we used to live in Dresden. Good times. Anyway, our host - lindy hop and yoga teacher A - took really good care of us and treated us like royalty. We had a full schedule and got to experience a lot of what Stuttgart had to offer. Plus dance, do yoga and go to a Mineral Bath. Although I avoided the naked sauna. I don't understand that phenomenon.

Monday, 9 November 2015


Hello November! I think I will remember you as an exiting month. For big and smaller reasons. If September was the Roller Derby month, and October was the back pain month, I'm hoping November will be the Lindy hop month. I have several dance events coming up, among others one I Stuttgart and I'm just hoping my back can handle it all. I'm taking a break from roller derby recommended from my new chiropractor, but I'm hoping to be able to start training again in a few weeks. 

Looking back on October I mostly remember the visit from A's brother with family, and hanging out with the cats in the couch. Because I've been doing that a lot. 

October on my Instagram

Sunday, 8 November 2015

another weekend...

Here's a few tidbits from my weekend seen through my phone! On Friday I took  the Amazing A with me to watch a dance show my two dance teachers were in. There was a lot of waiting and some not so great performances but my two friends were great as usual. Afterwards we went out for beer and pool! Very high school. I wore my pretty mustard 60s dress. Good times.

Yesterday me and A went hiking with our friend O and his dog Margo, up Lifjellet. It was pretty tough... the guys kept a pretty fast pace and it was very steep sometimes. But worth it.

After that A and I had a datenight with dinner and a movie. We saw the new James Bond movie and it was OK. Not awesome. *roger moore for life*

Today has been a lazy day with some cleaning and a nice walk with my gal pal T. Well needed. And that was that weekend!

Monday, 2 November 2015

This weekend

Things I didn't do this weekend that I had planned to do:

  • Change bed linen
  • Iron clothes
  • Vacuum

Things I did do this weekend that I hadn't planned:

  • Watch the rugby finals and drink beer at the Irishman
  • Watch 4 Harry Potter movies in a row