Saturday, 20 February 2016

Why I love Internet

Endless and meaningless Messenger group conversations with my friends.

Watching funny cat, sloth and raccoon-videos on YouTube in the couch with my Amazing A. 

Shopping Lindy hop dresses and shoes 

Spending hours on Pinterest browsing recipes I'll never cook, DIYs I'll never do and clothes I'll never wear

Watching a great movie on Netflix and then finding all the actors on IMDb and see if they are younger than me

Spotify-playlists with great swing music that my friends makes for me

YouTube tutorials for everything! Solo jazz routines, tap practice, hairstyles, how to sew a dress, how to fix a broken washing machine... 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

just slightly overwhelmed

Two weekends in a row spent getting married and celebrating it and now I thought I had one to spend catching up a bit, before going to Oslo next Friday for a Lindy Hop workshop. But no. This weekend I'll be travelling to the other side of the world. I let you know more when I get back, next week. Sorry to be mysterious. Now I have to pack, find my passport and have a small break down.


Monday, 15 February 2016

Catching up

Wow. This past 10 days have been amazing and so packed with stuff I hardly know where to start. So I won't, yet. I have to catch up and sort through like a gazillion photos and then I'll come back with the highlights of our two wedding parties. Today I'll settle for an old classic here on the blog: Monday top three. Håll till godo!

1. I have a cold. That in itself is pretty lousy, but how great is it that it happen now and not two days ago? Lucky!

2. I'm changing my name! Just filled put the online form, and now the process can begin. Exciting! I was considering throwing in a few extra names while I was at it, but didn't. Five will be enough.

3. Leftovers. While I was resting on the couch my husband (first time I wrote husband on the blog!) and our fabulous friend T went and picked up some stuff from the party venue. Like the leftovers of our wedding cake. Nom!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Tomorrow I'll be a mrs

My last night as a miss: Sleeping in a bunk bed! Hilarious!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Trying out wedding dresses

A wedding dress is a bit of a tricky thing, right? I mean, on the one hand you (or at least I) want to take the chance to doll yourself up and look all fancy, but then on the other hand you want to be comfortable and look like you. Or a good version of you. Or me, in this case, obviously. I had some pretty clear ideas of what I wanted, for once, to achieve this. Here's some favorites from my Pinterest wedding board:

Long sleeves, preferably lace ones. I mean, it's February.
1, 2, 3 

Pretty or unique details

4, 5, 6 

tea length or shorter

7, 8, 9

Nope, you will not get to see what dress I'm wearing, not yet! But I'll show you a couple of the runner ups... I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to go for a vintage dress, and since I've been following Elsa Billgren's blog and her vintage wedding-dress-rental business for a long time it seemed obvious to rent from her. I contacted her in November and was lucky that she had time to receive me while I was on holiday in Sweden over Christmas. Me and my mom traveled up from Gothenburg to Stockholm, and together with my brother and my friend V, I went to Elsa's studio to try on some dresses.

I think I tried on about 10-15 dresses and all of them where beautiful. It was impressive how Elsa could see what would fit me, even though some of them where a bit too tight for my taste... It was difficult to chose though. Long or short, clean and elegant or festive and with bows and lace? I had to take a few days at home, going though the pictures to figure it out.