Tuesday, 12 July 2016

going home

I've been here in Brunei for little more than a month now. During these first few weeks I have mostly spent time at the quarantine, in our hotel room and now in our new house, unpacking. I haven't done a lot of exploring or socializing and I guess that why it feels like life here hasn't really started yet. This feeling is even stronger since I'm actually traveling to Sweden today. It makes the time I've spent here feel like a holiday, although with very little holiday content... But I hope that when I come back it will feel different. Now I will have a home to long for while I'm there, with Andreas and the cats and all my things. I plan to keep on having a "vacation" until the beginning of September, when I plan to be back on some kind of normal routines, but even so, I'm sure coming back here in August will feel better - and more real -  than when I came here this time to just live in a sad hotel.

I most likely won´t blog while I'm in Sweden, but hopefully the content of this little space will improve once I'm back and have access to a functional study and wifi. Til then, hope your summer is awesome! 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Garden gems

Me and A have been doing a lot of shopping for the garden this weekend. And plant-shopping for inside too, actually. We had to give back our loaner car yesterday so we just made the most of it and splurged on plants while we had transport. It's so great to start adding greenery here and there, it certainly gives that extra touch of homeliness. It's also so much fun to try and find the strangest possible plants in the plan market...

Friday, 8 July 2016

the dining room: before + mood

One thing I'm really happy about is that this house doesn't have an open plan solution with an open kitchen. I like that you can hide the mess from cooking when you are eating. That makes the dining experience way nicer, I think! I like to design my home after the way I will use it most of the time, and the "preparing food while socializing with my guests" will never happen in any home of mine. That little rant brings me to the 5th space I want to share with you, the dining room, the final part of the big living room.


Mood board:

inspiration from: 1, 2 and 3

I don't have too much to say about this space. The mood board is mostly based on the furniture I know will be there, but with some upgrades. We have the BestÃ¥ glass cabinet but are planning to upgrade the look of it with new legs from Prettypegs so that it will match our mid century dining table. I'm not entirely sure what carpet I want here, we threw the blue one away when we packed up our stuff in Stavanger, so I guess I just have to see what I find. 

Shopping list:
  • Prettypegs: Kurt 180
  • Carpet, either black & white or green. 
  • Big plant plus planter
  • Low and narrow cabinet for under the window
  • Fridge

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

the TV room: before + mood

It's time to present the part of the living room that probably see the most use, if I know the to of us... The "TV room". This part of the room is actually a bit too small for all the furniture I want to have there, but logistically it made the best sense to place this function here. And since I'm a very sensible person, here's where it will be.


Mood board:

inspiration from: 1, 2, 3 & 4
First, let me just admit that I really love this mood board... I hope the space when it's finished can live up to my vision for it. Again, the mood board is created around items we already have and a feeling I want to have here. Basically our previous style of mid-century Scandinavian meets IKEA 2007 but with an added tropical and oriental vibe. Casual, cozy and bit more grown up than our previous house.

Shopping list:
  • Big Persian rug, in brown and red tones. 
  • Big plants and planters
  • Curtains, not sure what style yet...

Sunday, 3 July 2016

the library: before + mood

The second part if the living room I'll introduce you to is the "library". Or reading nook... This is a corner of the room that will be solely dedicated to keeping and reading books and magazines, as simple as that! Without further ado:


Mood board:

This is again a combination of items we already own. And the function is quite straight forward. Find what you want to read. Sit down and do it, comfortably. I want this space to be playful and cozy, and as all of our book and magazines will be on display here I think it will also function as a good representation of our different personalities.

Shopping list:

  • Carpet, preferably a Kelim one, in the right color scheme.
  • Curtains
  • Plants

Wanna see more of what I like when it comes to interiors? Check out my Pinterest.