Tuesday, 27 September 2016

singapore. it's great

As I'm not a huge fan of reading about other people's trips and holidays (it's honestly my least favorite posts to read on other blogs - it's as much fun as looking though someone else's old photo album...) I'm not going to drag this post out long. But I promised a post about our trip to Singapore, a week and a half ago. It was an awesome trip. We ate good food (this restaurant was lovely, I high recommend it) we drank good cocktails (like Singapore slings at Raffles) and we visited both to the Zoo and to Universal Studios. Plus the Gardens by the bay, including the clouds forest and the flower dome. All of these thing we're kind of touristy, but well worth the time and money.

Singapore is a place where you will see women wearing saris, hijabs and mini skirts walking on the same street, where you'll see a more selfie sticks, light shows, Pokemon Go playing people and fabulous architecture than anywhere else. Except for Tokyo. And other places, I don't know. But it's crazy! I also had a bloody awesome time hanging out with my super cool and handsome husband. I have been traveling a lot this past year, but not enough with him. It was great having a little adventure on our own. 

Man, this city is something special! I might be a bit colored by the fact that I live somewhere really small, with very little to do and that I haven't really seen people for a while, but I still think Singapore is one of the more spectacular cities I've visited. If you get the opportunity, go.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

sorting things out

Moving houses is a sloooow process... We got most boxes unpacked after only two weeks in the new house, but there are still some areas where I want to rearrange things, or drawers where I just threw some stuff in to get them out of sight. Junk drawers, you know. Those I plan to deal with slowly, one at the time, so I can actually make good decisions on what to keep and what to throw away. 

I took care of one of those jars of forgotten treasures the other day and it was such a lovely little collection of miscellaneous stuff I found that I had to carefully sort them and take a photo. Isn't it fun the things we decide we can't throw away? 

Gifts from friends (the porcelain nobs and origami-bird) a fortune in coins, keys I don't know where they go and other useful things!

Now all of these items have found new places (some of them the garbage can) and I can tick one of the clutter places off my list. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

time pieces

One good thing about moving houses is that you (are forced to) go through all of your stuff and might find things you forgot you had. I had one of those moments when I unpacked the boxes for our bedroom and found my watches. Most people use their phone instead of a watch, but I actually wear one everyday - a Whitings watch that is also a pedometer and a sleep tracker. And now I'm so addicted to knowing exact how many steps i walk every day and how many times the cats wake me up every night I only wear this one. But it's too bad in a way, because some of these are lovely! The blue Tardis one and the square leather one are my favorites, but the others are such nice records of trends that have gone by, right? The small steel one I got from my brother one Christmas when I was a teenager, and I think he gave me the white one as well, when I was in my twenties! I have a kind brother. Some of them are a bit worn, and none of them have a functioning battery, but now I kind of want to start wearing them again!

Now, which one should I use?

Monday, 19 September 2016


I think Hugo might get more space here on the blog than Cricket. It's just because he's easier to photograph. It's as simple as that. A few days ago I caught little Cricky lounging on the sofa and I think she's looking so great I'm giving her a post of her own. 

A few things you might not know about lady Cricket:

  • She is very interested in the DVD player. It makes noises, it moves. It's her nemesis. 
  • She sleeps between Andreas and mine pillow every night, the whole night. She takes up a lot of space, but Andreas won't let me move her
  • For a while she couldn't really meow, like for a year or so, it was only pathetic little whispers that came from her. But now she's got her voice back
  • She is ridiculously soft
  • She can't open doors but she will reach up and hit the handle until you let her in
  • She is brave. Hugo is such a chicken, but Cricket likes to explore new things
  • She likes to be the little spoon

Sunday, 18 September 2016

I've read: Trigger Warning

By Neil Gaiman

As a fan of the supernatural, the scary and the fantastic I always keep an eye out for new books by Niel Gaiman. His Ocean at the end of the lane is a recent favorite, for example. I picked this anthology at an airport bookshop not long ago and have had a hard time putting it down once I started reading. I don't often read short stories (I prefer looong stories usually told over 10 volumes or so) but I liked this one. It is quite satisfying to get the solutions to a story just within a few pages. This book includes tales of varying length, but also a few poems, which I found refreshing. The themes are extremely varying, from horror to sci-fi, from ghost stories to new takes on old fairy tales. One of my favorites was Orange, a story told via only the answers to an investigators questions. You don't even get to know the questions! Another one was the Sleeper and the spindle, a new take on two classic fairy tales, that gives a more interesting and empowering side to what Disney made into kind of lame princesses. 

I recommend this if you need something that will entertain and scare you (a bit) and if you feel you won't be able to concentrate for very long. As with all Gaiman books, the stories are well written and filled with interesting twists and turns. I am impressed by the many styles and genres he masters.

Friday, 16 September 2016


Tomorrow I'm going away again, for over two weeks. And I don't really feel prepared. So, here's my to do list for today!

  • Bring up bags from the storage room
  • Check the weather for Sweden and Germany the next two weeks
  • Plan what clothes to bring, and be smart about it. Does anything needs to be ironed?
  • Find and pack currency
  • Download a bunch of podcasts and a new audiobook
  • Print some school related reading material
  • Pack phone and camera chargers
  • Book a taxi
  • Find my Swedish sim-card
  • Print out tickets and itinerary
  • Select a book to read on the plane
  • Select travel outfit
Oh and I also need to finish a rapport for one of my classes... better get crackin'!


Thursday, 15 September 2016

podcasts I listen to right now

Podcasts are great. After constantly listening to audiobooks for 7 years I've just quite recently discovered that! Maybe you've been a fan for long, which would be awesome, then you can recommend me some, or you might be new to this and in need of some inspiration. Just be warned, half of these are Swedish, but so is half of you who reads this anyway so...

I started listening to this and the second one on this list after reading a blog post over at Keiko Lynn. She had a bunch of other recommendations but I've only come to this so far.
Listening to Lore reminds me of those times when I was a kid at a kayak camp or something, sitting around a camp fire and someone was telling ghosts stories. The host and writer Aarhon Mahnke, researches old myths, murderers, scary stories and unexplained phenomenon and we get to hear all about it. It's almost always a bit creepy and I don't really like to listen to them when I'm home alone in the night... perfect!

Mystery show

I love this one! It only has 6 episodes so far, but I think a season 2 is coming up... You know those small every-day mysteries you keep wondering about but can't solve? Well, in this podcast Starlee Kine helps people she knows getting answeres to things they always wondered about! That's it! And it's kind of every day stuff, but Starlee is the most charming person I've been listening to in a long time, and this show is both entertaining, sweet and fun.

Piskan och Moroten

For my Swedish readers: A workout podcast for people who doesn't really like working out. That's what this is. Two friends, Magnus and Ina, hosts this show. Ina hates working out, Magnus works with working out. In a very laid back fashion they talk about training, and beer, and other stuff, and the whole point is for Ina to go from never running, to running 10 km. I listen to this when I work out, to get motivated. It's fun!

Science vs

I haven't listened to very many of the episodes yet, but I like what I've heard. From iTunes description: "Science journalist Wendy Zukerman dissects the latest fad framing itself as scientific fact." This is a show where you learn a lot, and can get some seriously good arguments for when talking to less informed people. That's always nice. 


Another one for the Swedes! I've talked about this podcast before. Two guys, Henrik and Johan, watch Buffy and talk about it. It might sound boring, but if you are a fan of the show, like I am, it's just so nice to hear people talk about something you love! I usually listen when I iron, or do the dishes, and it makes everyday shores more enjoyable. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

hi there bloggy!

It's been a bit quiet here for a week, but only for nice reasons I can assure you! First, I really got in to this studying thing again. I've been sitting here in front of the computer in my almost finished office/studio and working on exercises from the two courses I'm doing and I kind of forgot to blog! I think that's says something about the quality of the classes, right?

But that's not the only thing I've done during the past week. I've actually been socializing! And traveling! I'm glad to have started slowly building up a social network here, last Thursday I had a really long lunch with three other expat girls and in the evening we had a colleague of Andreas and his wife over for dinner. They live almost next door to us and I like the idea of having someone that close by to hang out with. Very promising...

Oh and yes, we've been traveling too. Andreas had a long weekend off from work - Monday was a Muslim public holiday (Hari Raya Aidil Adha) so we decided to take advantage of the fact that he jut got his passport back from the immigration authorities. Last Monday we booked the tickets and hotel and on Friday morning we left for Singapore! I'll make a  summary-post about our trip later this week, when I've gone through the photos.

Anyway, now I'm back to normal for three more days, and then I'm off on more adventures. It's going to be a bit crazy the upcoming two months, in a very good way, but the blog might suffer a bit. Now I have to go back to studying, so I don't fall behind!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

tuesday tunes: White Birches

I first heard this White Birches-song on Buffypodden a while back, when the singer was a guest there, talking about Buffy, obviously. The song is amazing so it ended up on my favorite-playlist on Spotify immediately but I just saw this video last week. It's brilliant. It's made by Jenny Gabrielsson Mare, who is also the singer of the band, and obviously a genius. Watch, listen, enjoy!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

the bathroom: before + mood

Welcome to the smallest room on the "before" house-tour. The bath! And finally I have a tub, wohoo! Again a room where there's not too much that can be done, but on the other hand not to much have to be done. I like how this room, along with the bedroom and the office is in a part of the house that has a seperate little hallway that can be closed off from the more public space - the living room - with an actual door. See the floor plan of this post if you want to know what I'm talking about. Anyway. The bathroom has light beige tile on the floor, light blue-white tile on the walls - same as the kitchen - and like the rest of the house really generous ceiling height. The tiny vanity unit is of low quality and the mirror is a bit damaged, but again, something we just have to live with.


What I want to do in this room is to add as much greenery and light wood as possible, to counteract the feeling of coldness all this tiles creates. I'm going for a "hygienic-looking" color-scheme, blues and turquoise. Then of course storage is an issue, what with the vanity being tiny, and the I hope to add some small pieces of art too.

shopping list:

  • bathroom mat, quite big
  • stool, preferably made of wood
  • plants¨
  • art


Saturday, 3 September 2016

game on!

I have this new camera-app on my phone, so I thought it might be fun to see what life here in Brunei looks like through that particular lens! I've been spotting all kinds of wildlife lately... Let's GO!

this is what our hood looks like. Tropical
And by night... very cozy atmosphere
Sometimes you run in to bugs.
There are also quite a lot of exotic birds.
See, birds everywhere
Like this one time when I ran in to this ugly duckling on an evening walk
You can catch fish from the couch, very convenient!

There are crabs everywhere (not even kidding...) like at the immigration office

sometimes you bump in to cute little plants in the grocery shop

but the most fun is to be had at the parking lot at Andreas' office

You kind find these cuties there, among other things.

And this guy hang out in the office reception. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

the kitchen: before + mood

Our house has a cute kitchen. It's not big, but it has windows in two directions, a door that leads directly to a staircase down to the backyard a nice wooden floor and a gas stove. The cupboards are low standard and also actually very low, without the added height of a base that we are used to from back home. On the other hand,  the wall mounted cabinets on one side of the room are placed so high up I can only reach the first shelf. Strange but something we just have to live with. The floor is the same dark brown wood as the rest of the house but the walls are covered with a blue-white fake marble tile, up to about 2 meters.



This room is tricky, because there's not too much we can do. Mostly just add some accessories and well, kitchen appliances that might not be very stylish. But the main thing here is that it has to be practical, easy to keep clean, provide enough storage and be a nice place to cook. Oh yeah and the Smeg-fridge wont happen. Even if we'd decided to splurge it would be impossible to get a hold of one here. 

Shopping list:
  • a carpet, that will stay in place
  • shelves for wall mounting
  • curtains
  • new knobs or handles for the cabinets
  • art