Monday, 31 October 2016

I have read: let's pretend this never happened

By Jenny Lawson

This was one of those books that I picked up at an airport, pretty much based on the cover. I wanted something light and entertaining and ventured out of my (fantasy/horror) comfort zone. This book ended up being way more entertaining than I expected. I laughed out loud (actually) several times, and had to read whole paragraphs for Andreas to hear. This book is an autobiography, and Jenny is hilarious. She is weird, in the best kind of way. The amazing thing though, is that she manages to get a whole lot of serious stuff in there as well. Like how it is hard to be different and how social anxiety is a very real problem. But most of the time this is pure hilarity, her talking about growing up with a taxidermist dad, with weird pets and on a farm in the middle of nowhere, America.

Halfway through the book I realized Jenny is also a blogger and started following her blog, the Bloggess. You should do it too, she's crazy, and I wish she was my friend. There I realized that not only is she an awesome, funny person, she also loves Doctor Who which makes her a genius in my eyes. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016

things I have thought about during two weeks on Bali

We are back home from our honeymoon to Bali now, so no more low quality photo-packed, not-super -interesting-for-anyone-not-going-there posts. Phew. But just to finish off, a few thoughts.

Having a job where flip flops are part of your uniform would be pretty awesome

Milkshake is a really good thing. Like better than most things

I can actually function ok without glasses as long as I don't mind a bit of blur and don't get too self concious about the cross eyedness. Like, I can handle a water slide without glasses. And as long as I haven't spent 4 hours in a row surfing on my iPhone

I do not like papaya 

I'm not a huge fan of monkeys, either

I want to check if we can find some of the amazing trees and palms we've seen here back in Brunei to have in our garden 

I prefer pool water before seawater any day. Still. 

They talk about the peace and quiet of the forest, right? Well the rain-forestisn't quiet. There's this bug, a cicada or whatever, that makes a noise like a band-saw and it's horrible! I'm so glad we don't seem to have that one in Brunei

Being to cold is better than being to warm. Being to warm makes me panicky. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

our honeymoon, part five. Candidasa and Amed

I'll just go ahead and summarize our two last stops on our trip in one post. Partly because I don't want to drag this out forever but mostly because when we were in Candidasa we didn't do anything. I'm not kidding. We were both feeling a bit under the weather for a few days, and needed to chill. Well, to be fair, Andreas did actually do something, he went on a night/sunrise hike up mount Batur, but I wasn't feeling well enough to join.

The hotel we stayed at for three nights, just by the ocean, was really nice. We had, again, a little house of our own, the honeymoon suite. Obviously. The room was clean and comfortable, the pool was awesome, but the restaurant wasn't, or maybe it was just the fact that neither of us had any appetite during our stay. We spent the time there just relaxing, going for short walks up the road to buy ice cream, swimming in the sea or the pool or just reading. Very vaycay.

The final stop on our honeymoon was Amed, a small "town" on the east coast. As with Candidasa, we didn't really see much more of the tiny place than when we drove through it on our way to the hotel, but this place seemed to be more of a divers paradise than anything else. Which means it might be nice to come back here if we ever get around to start diving again. Anyway. I guess by this time of the trip we had done most of the things we wanted, and as we both still felt a bit low in energy we spent the short time here mostly at the hotel again. We only stayed for 1,5 nights, the half one because we had to leave in the middle of the night to catch our morning flight back home. But this hotel was cool too! Another small "villa" type of hotel, we had our own, completely round (!) little house with a small pool and a balcony overlooking the sea. It was like a little tower! This house also had an outdoor bathroom, yes, for real, and a very 80s decor and accompanying slightly musty smell... Cool though! 

That's it folks! We are just in the taxi on our way to our house in Brunei as I type this, so we are almost home. If you've read all of these post - good work! Soon the regular program will be back on... 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

our honeymoon, part four. Outside Ubud

The fourth place we stayed at was called Villa Awang Awang and was located 15 minutes outside central Ubud. This place is remarkable in many ways. First, we had a tiny house all by ourselves yet again. With a tiny pool (more like a bathtub) and a little porch overlooking a valley and rain-forest. Secondly, the architecture of this cottage was lovely, it looked like it was built of leftover material, and apparently both the architect and most material is local. Cool. All food was served in our little house and we ended up staying most of our two days here mostly in the cottage, with only short excursions to explore the surroundings.

Being here was cool in the way that we really were in the middle of nowhere. We went for a few walks and even borrowed some bikes to go in a slightly longer excursion, but all we saw was these small villages, rice paddies, temples and lots of people on scooters. We bought some snacks in the "warung" ( shop or kiosk) closest to our villa, but otherwise we didn't really do much. 

our honeymoon, part three. Ubud

Ok, so I'm continuing with these very diary-like posts from Bali. I totally understand this isn't very interesting but I like to document this trip for my own sake so you just have to come along or skip it. I'm sure my mom and dad enjoys reading it!

On the fifth day we left the lively area of Seminyak for the calmer town Ubud. Here we checked in to Alaya Resort, a quite big hotel by a busy, narrow street lined with souvenir and handcraft shops. Alaya had an amazing spa, Dala Spa, that I used twice during our stay. I love massages and other spa treatments and even though this place was a bit pricey for Bali, it doesn't compare with what I'm used to in Norway so I decided to splurge. 

We took it a lot more easy these days in Ubud, not having too much planned and just lounging in the pool area and doing a little bit of shopping. One day we took a short walk to the Monkey Forest in the middle of Ubud, to have a look at the wild macaques living there. Andreas really likes monkeys. I think they are a bit too... Human looking. 

We had one thing pre-booked during our time in Ubud: A full day including river rafting and a visit to the elephant safari. The rafting was fun, although less exciting than I had hoped for, since the water was really low - not so much white water. It was beautiful just gliding through the rain-forest, though. We spotted some monkeys, a few iguanas and some pretty amazing huge trees. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from this on my phone... 

The elephant safari was nice too, but I had hoped for more "free ranging" elephants. These were 30 something Asian elephants rescued from Sumatra (Bali doesn't have elephants naturally) and a few babies born in captivity. I'm not sure how I feel about these things. I mean, it's obvious that the caretakers and park owners love these animals and they are very well looked after and taken care of. I'm just not sure about the entertainment part of it. We got to feed, pet and take a ride on an elephant in the moonlight, very beautiful, but it kind of makes me sad that they can't just be free. But what do I know. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

our honeymoon, part one

Hey peeps! So, with a risk of making y'all totally jealous... guess where I am? Well, me and Andreas are on our honeymoon in Bali!

We'll be here for two weeks and I will try to post every now and then, using iPhone photos, just to keep you updated,  but then maybe summarize with the best photos from our proper camera when we get back.

This post is just from the first day, when we stayed at this really cool hotel called Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa, in Seminyak. We had booked just one night here and only for the reason we had seen really cool photos on Pinterest... And this place was totally cool! We had our own little "villa" with a sleeping loft, and the communal pool just outside the balcony door. Close enough for me to get a bit wet when we arrived in the nighttime and I couldn't really see where the water started. 

We had a midnight swim. And then another one about an hour after breakfast the next day just soaking in the warm water. Totally great place.

This was also the day when I had the first blue cocktail of the week. A few days in and I can promise that it will not be the only one. 

our honeymoon, part two. Seminyak

So I'm dividing these posts after the hotels we were staying at. This was the second, and it was... Beyond words. Basically we had our own completely separate villa, on one floor we had the bedroom and bathroom and on the second the living room. And private pool. With a waterfall running down to the first floor, creating almost like wall in the bedroom. Oh, and we had a butler service accessible 24 hours a day. Damn...

We spent some time lounging by the communal pool, drinking cocktails in both sun and moonshine, but mostly we hung out in our own private space. 

When we didn't hang out at the villa we walked around exploring the neighborhood. We also spent a day at Waterbom Waterpark, because we are not proper grown ups. It was so much fun, the park is really clean and the rides exciting. 

The last full day in Seminyak we had arranged to have a driver driving us around. Well. Mostly this guy that drove us from our first hotel in Seminyak to the second had offered services for a day with suggestions of where we could go, and we took him up on his offer. And, we had fun! We did water sports (jet ski and paragliding) in Nusa Dua, visited the small secluded (but crowded) beach Padang Padang beach, ate a great lunch with awesome banana-peanut butter milkshakes, had a few drinks at the super popular surfer bar Single Fin and visited the Uluwatur temple in the sunset. Busy day!

After four days in Seminyak we continued to Ubud, the same guy, Made, driving us.