Friday, 30 March 2018

outfits lately

I like posting a few outfits here every now and then, it's one of my favorite things in this blog to look back on. I think how I dress says a lot about how I feel and what is going on in my life! I usually snap a few photos in the hallway mirror if I'm happy about what I'm wearing. I don't post them very often, but here's a small selection of what I've been wearing lately. 

A dress! I used to wear these cute little dresses all the time back in Norway, but not so often these days. So it's fun to get back to it every now and then!
Old dress from... the internet...

My going to a meeting uniform - trousers and a happy-looking shirt
Uniqlo trousers, Warehouse shirt, COS earrings and Clark flats

Wide and patterned trousers are also a staple in my closet these days.
Trousers H&M, top Banana Republic and Cardigan from a little boutique in Sweden I don't remeber the name of. 

Fun and comfy for a day in my home office!
the flamingo shirt is a gift from Andreas and the trousers are H&M

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Self care

There’s something about being away from home a lot over a period of time that makes me really long for routines and normality. And after this past month or so, when I’ve been either traveling or at home but with tons of work to do, I'm so glad to get back to my everyday life. Which I love. Where I’m the one in control, I can hang with the cats any time I want and just be.

The past month has been fun, filled with new experiences and impressions but I’ve lost my routines. And I’ve stopped taking care of myself. And even though I’ve never had any anxiety of growing older, I’ve come to a point where I feel I should take better care of myself now, to be healthier later on in life. I'm not talking about anything major here, but I think my attitude is changing a bit, I’m slowly understanding that this is the only body I have and we’ll have to live with each other for the rest of my life.

I’m actually quite good at keeping up good routines when it comes to working out and eating proper food as long as nothing major messes with my plans. Major things in this case can be travels, sickness or too much work. And once I lose my routines I lose all of them. For a long time. Because I feel I’m being kinder to me self if I let myself skip a workout (or five), or eat takeaway food for a whole weekend, or not really leave the house for a week. But I’m also totally aware that this will not make me feel happier, or more healthy or give me back my energy. Rather the opposite.

Huh. This was not really was this post was supposed to be about. It was supposed to be about the fact that I’ve faced (hehe) the fact I’m turning 35 soon and it’s time to start taking care of my skin! I invested (stupid word for something like this, I know, but because of the price it felt like an investment) in a proper face cream - with anti-aging stuff! -  and eye cream. I’ve never had any real problems with my skin, but I’ve noticed it’s feeling less smooth and healthy looking, so I guess it’s time. To be honest my faith in various creams like this is quite low. I have a hard time believing an expensive fancy cream works much better than a cheap one, but I think paying the extra money helps with the mental part of this routine - the feeling of giving your body a gift, spoiling it a bit, and I also think if I’ve paid a bit more for it I might actually want to use it. Or maybe it’s the opposite, I’ll be afraid of using it? Like when you buy that one fancy piece of clothing and you save it for a special occasion and then once s sufficiently extravagant one comes up that garment is out of style, or too small and so will never be worn... well, we’ll see. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

week 13

Hi friends!

Man, I'm in a better mood than I've been for weeks! I think it all has to do with the fact that I delivered the final assignment in one of my courses last week, and now I feel like I have more control over my schedule and can spend time on things that are both fun and important. Yay!

This week I'm finally back to my normal schedule, without any meetings or anything at all really except working on my course and design projects. I don't have any other plans for the weekend than relaxing and maybe clean out and organize our storage room.

I'm not going to go in to detail for each day this week, since most days will just be me working from home - but to summarize, this week I'm focusing on my illustration course, developing a graphic profile for a dance event this summer and starting up a interior design project. So, it's going to be a  little bit of everything! I also hope to write a few blog posts, and watch pleeeenty of RuPaul's Drag race.

I hope you all have a nice Easter week planned! As you might have guessed, Easter isn't exactly big here in Brunei, so it will pass by without us celebrating at all. Not that we used to actually celebrate Easter, but still.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Borneo adventure: Sepilok, Kinabatangan, Deramakot and Gaya Island

We're back from our Borneo adventure! As usual, I’m not going to be very chatty about our trip, just showing some highlights! But first a few words in where we’ve been and why:

Andreas’ parents decided they wanted to visit our hood again this year, but as they are smart people they didn’t feel the need to go back to Brunei again. So we decided we’d meet them somewhere a little more exciting, but still close by! We settled on one of the Malaysian provinces, the one east of Brunei, Sabah. They wanted to see animals, and as the two of us are totally in to that stuff we thought that was a good idea. We even decided to combine our forest adventure with them with some adventures of our own, while in the area. That’s how we ended up first going to Sepilok to the orangutans and sunbear sanctuaries, and then spend three days on river safaris on the Kinabatangan river, followed by three days of rain-forest safaris with the in-laws in the Deramakot forest reserve. We finished it all just the two of us on Gays Island, in a tropical resort just outside of Kota Kinabalu.

Andreas brought his new camera with a quite powerful lens so I have just snapped photos with my phone, maybe I'll post some photos of the actual animals we saw once we have edited the ones he took!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ive read: hold back the stars

by Katie Khan

I picked up this book in a mall bookshop in Kota Kinabalu when I was there with my mum. The book I had brought on our trip was coming to an end and I knew I’d have to spend a few hours alone at the airport the next day and needed a back up. I chose this one based on the blurb, I figured it was some kind of YA sci-fi story. Could be entertaining.

Turns out I was kind of right. It’s sci-fi in the way that part of the story - present time - is set in space, and the rest of the story consists of flashback from our two main characters lives on earth. How they met. What decisions they've made that led them to now being in space, dying in 90 minutes if they can’t figure out a way to save themselves. This is a love story more than a sci-fi novel. Carys and Max falls in love in a world - a hundred or so years in the future? - where being 27 and finding “the one” goes against the rules, they are too young (!) to settle down. 

I finished this book in 24 hours. Partly because I had a lot of time to read waiting for my plane home, but also because it was an easy an compelling read. And a beautiful and touching story. Recommended.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

a bunch of girly new stuff

I already showed you my new earrings from COS, and what my mom and I did when she was visiting, but here's another post combining these tow themes. What I've been shopping on our trips! I came home and realized I've become a lot more girly in my style the past year. I mean, I've worn skirts and dresses for a long time, but the bling, romantic florals and pink is new. And, well, I'm not entirely sure what i was thinking when I bought the see through, soft plastic sandals with fake rhinestones... The are very comfy, though! And fun. Yes they are fun. 

Jelly Bunny sandals
Earrings from COS
Kate Spade iPhone case
Singapore Sling flavored tea from Raffels
Warehouse long sleeved shirt with tropical pattern
Clarks ballerina flats

Friday, 2 March 2018

visiting neighbours

Here comes a few photos from last week, when I explored Singapore and then Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia with my mother! Both are cities I've visited before, but traveling all the way here only to visit Brunei felt a bit boring so I'm glad my mom got to see a bit more of the region. And we did some cool things that were new to me too!

Multicultural Singapore:

Exploring nature in Malaysia:

Thursday, 1 March 2018

tired thursday and new earrings

Yesterday I had a video chat with one of my best friends back in Norway, Alison, where I complained at bit about having a hard time focusing and how I felt a bit stessed. She reminded me of the importance of giving yourself a break every now and then, and that’s why I decided to cut myself some slack this week. I have a lot if things I should work on and this week it’s been hard to focus on the right stuff. I made a way too ambitious and scattered plan for the week and even though I’ve worked on a bunch of things I just don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. So. This week I’m skipping my workouts - even though I would probably be in a better mood if I went - and I’m moving a few of the things where I have no deadline until later this spring. It goes against my priority plan but can’t be helped.

What’s left to do this week:
  • Work on and finish assignment 2 in my graphic design course. Including a rapport. Deadline Saturday. 
  • Work on and finish the first assignment in my illustration course. Deadline Sunday. 
  • Update software logo and suggest page layout for one of my freelance jobs. Deadline Friday. 

Still plenty to do. Can't help feeling a bit like a failure for not being able to get all the things I want to wrok on done, but oh well. Failing isn't so bad.

Just because I don't want to make this post a complete whine-festival - here are a couple of selfie from yesterday when I wore my new earrings from COS when going out for duck lunch with Andreas and some friends. COS makes the best earrings...